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shēn / shen1
 mi / み
body; life; oneself; personally; one's morality and conduct; the main part of a structure or body; pregnant; classifier for sets of clothes: suit, twinset; Kangxi radical 158
(1) body; (2) oneself; (3) one's place; one's position; (4) main part; meat (as opposed to bone, skin, etc.); wood (as opposed to bark); blade (as opposed to its handle); container (as opposed to its lid); (surname) Misaki
kāya; tanu; deha. The body; the self.; Two forms of body; there are numerous pairs, e. g. (1) (a) 分段身 The varied forms of the karmic or ordinary mortal body, or being; (b) 變易身 the transformable, or spiritual body. (2) (a) 生身 The earthly body of the Buddha; (b) 化身 hinirmāṇakāya, which may take any form at will. (3) (a) 生身 his earthly body; (b) 法身 his moral and mental nature—a Hīnayāna definition, but Mahāyāna takes his earthly nirmāṇakāya as the 生身 and his dharmakāya or that and his saṃbhogakāya as 法身. (4) 眞應二身 The dharmakāya and nirmāṇakāya. (5) (a) 實相身 The absolute truth, or light, of the Buddha, i. e. the dharmakāya; (b) 爲物身 the functioning or temporal body. (6) (a) 眞身 the dharmakāya and saṃbhogakāya; (b) 化身 the nirmāṇakāya. (7) (a) 常身 his permanent or eternal body; (b) 無常身 his temporal body. (8) (a) 實身 and 化身 idem 二色身.


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míng sī / ming2 si1
ming ssu
冥慮 The unfathomable thought or care of the buddhas and bodhisattvas, beyond the realization of men; profound thought


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kě rán / ke3 ran2
k`o jan / ko jan
 kanen / かねん
(adj-no,n) inflammable; flammable; combustible; burnable



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pǒ cè / po3 ce4
p`o ts`e / po tse
unfathomable; unpredictable; treacherous


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dà shēn / da4 shen1
ta shen
 taishin / たいしん
person of high rank or income; (place-name) Oomi
The great body, i.e. the nirmāṇakāya, or transformable body 化身 of a Buddha. Also, Mahākāya, a king of garuḍas; great body of the buddha


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 kouta / kota / こうた (1) (See 大歌) Heian era court lady's song (accompanying men's oouta); court lady singing a kouta; (2) (See 小唄,端唄) ditty; ballad; short, hummable, popular tune from Muromachi era to early Edo era; (3) kyogen kouta; style of kyogen song based on the Muromachi songs, often love ballad; (4) noh kouta; unusual style of noh song based on the Muromachi songs; (given name) Kouta


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yōu suì / you1 sui4
yu sui
 yuusui / yusui / ゆうすい
profound and unfathomable
(noun or adjectival noun) retired and quiet; secluded
an unfathomably deep (place)


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 kouyou / koyo / こうよう unfathomable; great expanse of water; incoherent; (personal name) Kouyou



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shēn yuǎn / shen1 yuan3
shen yüan
 shinen / しんえん
far-reaching; profound and long-lasting
(noun or adjectival noun) profound; deep; unfathomable



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huǒ zhǒng / huo3 zhong3
huo chung
 hidane / ひだね
tinder; source of a fire; inflammable material; (fig.) spark (of a revolution etc)
(1) live coals (for firelighting); (2) cause (of disturbance, conflict, etc.); trigger



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xuán xū / xuan2 xu1
hsüan hsü
deceitful trick; mystery; unfathomable


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hào cái / hao4 cai2
hao ts`ai / hao tsai
consumables; to consume raw materials


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néng suǒ / neng2 suo3
neng so
 noujo / nojo / のうじょ
{Buddh} subject and object; activity and passivity
These two terms indicate active and passive ideas, e.g. ability to transform, or transformable and the object that is transformed; subject and object


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 kinken / きんけん (1) gold certificate; (2) tradeable coupon redeemable for goods or services


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dǐng zhù / ding3 zhu4
ting chu
(honorific) your inestimable assistance; thanks to your help



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bù sī yì / bu4 si1 yi4
pu ssu i
 fushigi / ふしぎ
unbelievable; [a concept that] cannot be comprehended; unimaginable; unfathomable.
(noun or adjectival noun) (1) wonderful; marvelous; strange; incredible; amazing; curious; miraculous; mysterious; (adverb taking the "to" particle) (2) strangely enough; oddly enough; for some reason; curiously; (female given name) Mirakuru
Beyond thought and words or linguistic expression, beyond conception, baffling description, amazing, "supraconceptual", inconceivable, non-conceptual, something that cannot be conceptualized or compared to anything worldly.
Analogous to Acintya (阿軫帝也).


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 funenbutsu / ふねんぶつ non-inflammables; incombustible (usu. waste)


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fēn pèi qì / fen1 pei4 qi4
fen p`ei ch`i / fen pei chi
dispenser (for consumables such as liquid soap); splitter (for cable TV signal etc)


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kě rán xìng / ke3 ran2 xing4
k`o jan hsing / ko jan hsing
 kanensei / kanense / かねんせい
flammable; flammability
(1) combustibility; inflammability; (can be adjective with の) (2) combustible; inflammable


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 kanenbutsu / かねんぶつ combustibles; inflammables; flammables; burnables



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kě biān chéng / ke3 bian1 cheng2
k`o pien ch`eng / ko pien cheng


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 sueoki / すえおき (1) deferment (e.g. of savings); leaving (a thing) as it stands; (can be adjective with の) (2) unredeemed; unredeemable; irredeemable; deferred; stationary



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sǔn hào pǐn / sun3 hao4 pin3
sun hao p`in / sun hao pin


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yì rán wù / yi4 ran2 wu4
i jan wu
flammable substance


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fǎ xìng hǎi / fa3 xing4 hai3
fa hsing hai
 hōshō kai
The ocean of the dharma-nature, vast, unfathomable, v. 法水.


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 shoumouhin / shomohin / しょうもうひん consumable goods


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 juyouhi / juyohi / じゅようひ consumables (when calculating expenses)


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bù kě gū liàng / bu4 ke3 gu1 liang4
pu k`o ku liang / pu ko ku liang
inestimable; incalculable; beyond measure



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bù kě sī yì / bu4 ke3 si1 yi4
pu k`o ssu i / pu ko ssu i
 fukashigi / ふかしぎ
inconceivable (idiom); unimaginable; unfathomable
(noun or adjectival noun) (1) (yoji) (See 不思議・1) mystery; something inexplicable; wonder; miracle; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) unfathomable (of a Buddha's abilities); (numeric) (3) 10^64 (or 10^80)
Beyond thought or description, v. 不思議; inconceivable


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bù kě duān ní / bu4 ke3 duan1 ni2
pu k`o tuan ni / pu ko tuan ni
impossible to get even an outline (idiom); unfathomable; not a clue


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zhí de jìng pèi / zhi2 de5 jing4 pei4
chih te ching p`ei / chih te ching pei
deserving; worthy of respect; estimable


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 senmanmuryou / senmanmuryo / せんまんむりょう (noun or adjectival noun) (yoji) innumerable; unfathomable; unutterable



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jū xīn pǒ cè / ju1 xin1 po3 ce4
chü hsin p`o ts`e / chü hsin po tse
harboring unfathomable motives (idiom)


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 keijoutekigou / kejotekigo / けいじょうてきごう {comp} conformable


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 sueoki / すえおき (1) deferment (e.g. of savings); leaving (a thing) as it stands; (can be adjective with の) (2) unredeemed; unredeemable; irredeemable; deferred; stationary


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yì rán wù pǐn / yi4 ran2 wu4 pin3
i jan wu p`in / i jan wu pin
flammable articles


see styles
 shoumouhinhi / shomohinhi / しょうもうひんひ expenses for consumable goods; supplies expenses



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shēn bù kě cè / shen1 bu4 ke3 ce4
shen pu k`o ts`e / shen pu ko tse
deep and unmeasurable (idiom); unfathomable depths; incomprehensible; enigmatic and impossible to predict


see styles
 kakigenkin / かきげんきん (expression) total fire ban; no source of ignition permitted; no open flame; flammables!



see styles
shén mì mò cè / shen2 mi4 mo4 ce4
shen mi mo ts`e / shen mi mo tse
mystery; unfathomable; enigmatic



see styles
jiān shēn huì sè / jian1 shen1 hui4 se4
chien shen hui se
abstruse and unfathomable (idiom)



see styles
mò cè gāo shēn / mo4 ce4 gao1 shen1
mo ts`e kao shen / mo tse kao shen
enigmatic; beyond one's depth; unfathomable


see styles
 shiikensa / shikensa / シーケンサ (1) sequencer; (2) programmable logic controller; PLC


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 kanenseigasu / kanensegasu / かねんせいガス combustible gas; flammable gas


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 inkaseiekitai / inkaseekitai / いんかせいえきたい inflammable liquid; inflammable fluid


see styles
huǒ huàn bù jiā shā / huo3 huan4 bu4 jia1 sha1
huo huan pu chia sha
 kakanpu (no) kesa
An asbestos cassock; also a non-inflammable robe said to be made of the hair of the 火鼠 fire-rat; non-inflammable robe


see styles
 insutabae / インスタばえ (exp,n,vs) (slang) (See 映える・はえる・2) being instagrammable; looking good on Instagram


see styles
 shiikuensa / shikuensa / シークエンサ (1) sequencer; (2) programmable logic controller; PLC


see styles
 shiikensaa / shikensa / シーケンサー (1) sequencer; (2) programmable logic controller; PLC



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dà hǎi bā bù sī yì / da4 hai3 ba1 bu4 si1 yi4
ta hai pa pu ssu i
 daikai hachi fushigi
The eight marvellous characteristics of the ocean―its gradually increasing depth, its unfathomableness, its universal saltness, its punctual tides, its stores of precious things, its enormous creatures, its objection to corpses, its unvarying level despite all that pours into it; eight amazing characteristics of the ocean


see styles
 sukuiyounonai / sukuiyononai / すくいようのない (exp,adj-i) hopeless; irredeemable


see styles
 hakarishirenai / はかりしれない (exp,adj-i) unfathomable; inestimable; immeasurable


see styles
 iiiipuromu / iipuromu / イーイープロム {comp} electrically erasable programmable read-only memory; EEPROM; E2PROM


see styles
 hakarishirenai / はかりしれない (exp,adj-i) unfathomable; inestimable; immeasurable


see styles
 shiikuensaa / shikuensa / シークエンサー (1) sequencer; (2) programmable logic controller; PLC


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 puroguramaburu / プログラマブル {comp} programmable


see styles
 puroguramukanou / puroguramukano / プログラムかのう (adjectival noun) {comp} programmable


see styles
 puroguramudentaku / プログラムでんたく programmable calculator


see styles
 pointosaito / ポイントサイト points-based reward website; website where users can earn redeemable points by taking part in surveys, etc.


see styles
 sukuiyounonai / sukuiyononai / すくいようのない (exp,adj-i) hopeless; irredeemable


see styles
 shoppupointo / ショップポイント redeemable loyalty points (from a retailer) (wasei: shop point)


see styles
 pointo saito / ポイント・サイト points-based reward website; website where users can earn redeemable points by taking part in surveys, etc.


see styles
 insutajenikku / インスタジェニック (adjectival noun) (slang) (See インスタ映え) Instagenic; Instagrammable; visually appealing (if posted on Instagram)


see styles
 shoppu pointo / ショップ・ポイント redeemable loyalty points (from a retailer) (wasei: shop point)


see styles
 puroguramingukanou / puroguramingukano / プログラミングかのう (adjectival noun) {comp} programmable


see styles
 puroguramushikikeisanki / puroguramushikikesanki / プログラムしきけいさんき {comp} programmable calculator


see styles
 doshigatai / どしがたい (adjective) beyond help; past salvation; incorrigible; irredeemable


see styles
 puroguramukoteishikikeisanki / puroguramukoteshikikesanki / プログラムこていしきけいさんき {comp} nonprogrammable calculator



see styles
kě cā xiě kě biān chéng zhī dú cún chǔ qì / ke3 ca1 xie3 ke3 bian1 cheng2 zhi1 du2 cun2 chu3 qi4
k`o ts`a hsieh k`o pien ch`eng chih tu ts`un ch`u ch`i / ko tsa hsieh ko pien cheng chih tu tsun chu chi
EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory)



see styles
kě cā xiě kě biān chéng zhī dú cún chǔ qì / ke3 ca1 xie3 ke3 bian1 cheng2 zhi1 du2 cun2 chu3 qi4
k`o ts`a hsieh k`o pien ch`eng chih tu ts`un ch`u ch`i / ko tsa hsieh ko pien cheng chih tu tsun chu chi
EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory)


see styles
 sueoki / すえおき (1) deferment (e.g. of savings); leaving (a thing) as it stands; (can be adjective with の) (2) unredeemed; unredeemable; irredeemable; deferred; stationary


see styles
 shigaisenshoukyokataiipuromu / shigaisenshokyokataipuromu / しがいせんしょうきょかたイープロム {comp} ultraviolet erasable programmable ROM


see styles
 insutabae / インスタばえ (noun/participle) (colloquialism) (See 映える・はえる・2) being Instagrammable; looking good on Instagram


see styles
 moenaigomi(燃enaigomi);moenaigomi(燃enaigomi) / もえないゴミ(燃えないゴミ);もえないごみ(燃えないごみ) (exp,n) nonburnable garbage; nonflammables


see styles
 sukuiyounonai / sukuiyononai / すくいようのない (exp,adj-i) (See 救いようがない) hopeless; irredeemable


see styles
 puroguramukanouyomitorisenyoukiokusouchi / puroguramukanoyomitorisenyokiokusochi / プログラムかのうよみとりせんようきおくそうち {comp} programmable read-only memory; PROM


see styles
 pointosaito;pointo saito / ポイントサイト;ポイント・サイト points-based reward website; website where users can earn redeemable points by taking part in surveys, etc.


see styles
 hakarishirenai / はかりしれない (exp,adj-i) unfathomable; inestimable; immeasurable


see styles
 shoppupointo;shoppu pointo / ショップポイント;ショップ・ポイント redeemable loyalty points (from a retailer) (wasei: shop point)


see styles
 shoukyooyobipuroguramukanouyomitorisenyoukiokusouchi / shokyooyobipuroguramukanoyomitorisenyokiokusochi / しょうきょおよびプログラムかのうよみとりせんようきおくそうち {comp} erasable programmable read-only memory; EPROM


see styles
 shiikensaa;shiikensa;shiikuensaa;shiikuensa / shikensa;shikensa;shikuensa;shikuensa / シーケンサー;シーケンサ;シークエンサー;シークエンサ (1) sequencer; (2) programmable logic controller; PLC

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