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Old Wade-Giles romanization used only in Taiwan.
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Buddhist definition. Note: May not apply to all sects.
 Definition may be different outside of Buddhism.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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shí jiè / shi2 jie4
shih chieh
 jikkai / じゅっかい
the ten commandments (religion)
(1) (Buddhist term) the 10 precepts; (2) Ten Commandments; Decalogue; Decalog; (surname) Jukkai
Śikṣāpada. The ten prohibitions (in Pāli form) consist of five commandments for the layman: (1) not to destroy life 不殺生 pāṇātipātāveramaṇi; (2) not to steal 不倫盜 adinnādānāver; (3) not to commit adultery 不婬慾 abrahmacaryaver.; (4) not to lie 不妄語musāvādāver.; (5) not to take intoxicating liquor 不飮酒 suramereyya-majjapamādaṭṭhānāver. Eight special commandments for laymen consist of the preceding five plus: (6) not to eat food out of regulated hours 不非時食 vikāla-bhojanāver.; (7) not to use garlands or perfumes 不著華鬘好香塗身 mālā- gandha-vilepana-dhāraṇa-maṇḍana-vibhūṣanaṭṭhānā; (8) not to sleep on high or broad beds (chastity) 不坐高廣大牀 uccāsayanā-mahāsayanā. The ten commandments for the monk are the preceding eight plus: (9) not to take part in singing, dancing, musical or theatrical performances, not to see or listen to such 不歌舞倡伎不往觀聽 nacca-gīta-vādita-visūkadassanāver.; (10) to refrain from acquiring uncoined or coined gold, or silver, or jewels 不得捉錢金銀寶物 jātarūpa-rajata-paṭīggahaṇāver. Under the Māhayāna these ten commands for the monk were changed, to accord with the new environment of the monk, to the following: not to kill, not to steal, to avoid all unchastity, not to lie, not to slander, not to insult, not to chatter, not to covet, not to give way to anger, to harbour no scepticism; ten precepts


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 gitaa / gita / ギター guitar


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qí tuó tài zí / qi2 tuo2 tai4 zi2
ch`i t`o t`ai tzu / chi to tai tzu
 Gita taishi
prince Jeta


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 ea gitaa / ea gita / エア・ギター air guitar (imaginary instrument used when pretending to play the guitar)


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 ereki gitaa / ereki gita / エレキ・ギター (colloquialism) electric guitar


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 gatto gitaa / gatto gita / ガット・ギター gut guitar


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 gitaa anpu / gita anpu / ギター・アンプ guitar amplifier


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 gitaa shinse / gita shinse / ギター・シンセ guitar synthesizer; guitar synthesiser


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 beesu gitaa / beesu gita / ベース・ギター bass guitar


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 rizumu gitaa / rizumu gita / リズム・ギター rhythm guitar


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 riido gitaa / rido gita / リード・ギター lead guitar


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 gitaa magajin / gita magajin / ギター・マガジン guitar magazine


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 suchiiru gitaa / suchiru gita / スチール・ギター steel guitar


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 soriddo gitaa / soriddo gita / ソリッド・ギター solid guitar


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 fooku gitaa / fooku gita / フォーク・ギター folk guitar


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 kurashikku gitaa / kurashikku gita / クラシック・ギター classic guitar


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 hawaian gitaa / hawaian gita / ハワイアン・ギター Hawaiian guitar


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 furamenko gitaa / furamenko gita / フラメンコ・ギター flamenco guitar



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bù gē wǔ chāng jì bù wǎng guān tīng / bu4 ge1 wu3 chang1 ji4 bu4 wang3 guan1 ting1
pu ko wu ch`ang chi pu wang kuan t`ing / pu ko wu chang chi pu wang kuan ting
 fukabushōgi fuōkanchō
nāṭya-gīta-vāditra-viśūkadarśanād-vairamaṇī (virati). The seventh commandment against taking part in singing, dancing, plays, or going to watch and hear them; no taking part in, or watching, singing, dancing, or plays


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 erekutorikku gitaa / erekutorikku gita / エレクトリック・ギター electric guitar


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 bagaaddo giitaa / bagaddo gita / バガヴァッド・ギーター (personal name) Bhagavadgita


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 akoosutikku gitaa / akoosutikku gita / アコースティック・ギター acoustic guitar


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 eagitaa;ea gitaa / eagita;ea gita / エアギター;エア・ギター air guitar (imaginary instrument used when pretending to play the guitar)


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 gitaasoro;gitaa soro / gitasoro;gita soro / ギターソロ;ギター・ソロ guitar solo


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 gattogitaa;gatto gitaa / gattogita;gatto gita / ガットギター;ガット・ギター gut guitar


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 gitaaanpu;gitaa anpu / gitaanpu;gita anpu / ギターアンプ;ギター・アンプ guitar amplifier


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 gitaashinse;gitaa shinse / gitashinse;gita shinse / ギターシンセ;ギター・シンセ (abbreviation) (See ギターシンセサイザー) guitar synthesizer; guitar synthesiser


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 beesugitaa;beesu gitaa / beesugita;beesu gita / ベースギター;ベース・ギター (See エレクトリックベース) bass guitar


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 rizumugitaa;rizumu gitaa / rizumugita;rizumu gita / リズムギター;リズム・ギター rhythm guitar


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 riidogitaa;riido gitaa / ridogita;rido gita / リードギター;リード・ギター lead guitar


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 suchiirugitaa;suchiiru gitaa / suchirugita;suchiru gita / スチールギター;スチール・ギター steel guitar; Hawaiian guitar


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 soriddogitaa;soriddo gitaa / soriddogita;soriddo gita / ソリッドギター;ソリッド・ギター solid guitar


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 fookugitaa;fooku gitaa / fookugita;fooku gita / フォークギター;フォーク・ギター folk guitar


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 erekigitaa(p);ereki gitaa / erekigita(p);ereki gita / エレキギター(P);エレキ・ギター (colloquialism) (See エレクトリックギター) electric guitar


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 kurashikkugitaa;kurashikku gitaa / kurashikkugita;kurashikku gita / クラシックギター;クラシック・ギター classic guitar


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 furamenkogitaa;furamenko gitaa / furamenkogita;furamenko gita / フラメンコギター;フラメンコ・ギター flamenco guitar


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 hawaiangitaa(p);hawaian gitaa / hawaiangita(p);hawaian gita / ハワイアンギター(P);ハワイアン・ギター Hawaiian guitar


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 erekutorikkugitaa;erekutorikku gitaa / erekutorikkugita;erekutorikku gita / エレクトリックギター;エレクトリック・ギター electric guitar


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 gitaashinsesaizaa;gitaa shinsesaizaa / gitashinsesaiza;gita shinsesaiza / ギターシンセサイザー;ギター・シンセサイザー guitar synthesizer; guitar synthesiser


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 akoosutikkugitaa;akoosutikku gitaa / akoosutikkugita;akoosutikku gita / アコースティックギター;アコースティック・ギター (See アコギ) acoustic guitar


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 eagitaa;ea gitaa;eaagitaa;eaa gitaa / eagita;ea gita;eagita;ea gita / エアギター;エア・ギター;エアーギター;エアー・ギター air guitar (imaginary instrument used when pretending to play the guitar)

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