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Well-Disciplined / Scrupulous Compliance

Japan gen shu / gen syu
Well-Disciplined / Scrupulous Compliance Vertical Wall Scroll

厳守 is a Japanese word for strict observance; adherence; scrupulous compliance; or being orderly (often in a military way).

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Japanese genshu / げんしゅ Japanese (noun/participle) strict observance; rigid adherence; scrupulous compliance



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Mandarin chéng nuò / cheng2 nuo4
Taiwan ch`eng no / cheng no
Japanese shoudaku / shodaku / しょうだく
Well-Disciplined / Scrupulous Compliance Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to promise; to undertake to do something; commitment
Japanese (noun/participle) consent; approval; acceptance; agreement; compliance



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Mandarin shì jiā móu ní / shi4 jia1 mou2 ni2
Taiwan shih chia mou ni
Japanese Shakamuni
Well-Disciplined / Scrupulous Compliance Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Siddhartha Gautama (563-485 BC), the historical Buddha and founder of Buddhism; Sakyamuni Buddha (Sanskrit: sage of the Sakya)
釋迦文 (釋迦文尼); 釋伽文 Śākyamuni, the saint of the Śākya tribe. muni is saint, holy man, sage, ascetic monk; it is: intp. as 仁 benevolent, charitable, kind, also as 寂默 one who dwells in seclusion. After '500 or 550' previous incarnations, Śākyamuni finally attained to the state of Bodhisattva, was born in the Tuṣita heaven, and descended as a white elephant, through her right side, into the womb of the immaculate Māyā, the purest woman on earth; this was on the 8th day of the 4th month; next year on the 8th day of the 2nd month he was born from her right side painlessly as she stood under a tree in the Lumbinī garden. For the subsequent miraculous events v. Eitel. also the 神通遊戲經 (Lalitavistara), the 釋迦如來成道記, etc. Simpler statements say that he was born the son of Śuddhodana, of the kṣatriya caste, ruler of Kapilavastu, and Māyā his wife; that Māyā died seven days later, leaving him to be brought up by her sister Prājapati; that in due course he was married to Yaśodharā who bore him a son, Rāhula; that in search of truth he left home, became an ascetic, severely disciplined himself, and finally at 35 years of age, under a tree, realized that the way of release from the chain of rebirth and death lay not in asceticism but in moral purity; this he explained first in his four dogmas, v. 四諦 and eightfold noble way 八正道, later amplified and developed in many sermons. He founded his community on the basis of poverty, chastity, and insight or meditation, ad it became known as Buddhism, as he became known as Buddha, the enlightened. His death was probably in or near 487 B.C., a few years before that of Confucius in 479. The sacerdotal name of his family is Gautama, said to be the original name of the whole clan, Śākya being that of his branch, v. 瞿, 喬.; his personal name was Siddhārtha, or Sarvārthasiddha, v. 悉.

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Mandarin/ ke4
Taiwan k`o / ko
Japanese tsutomu / つとむ
Chinese respectful; scrupulous
Japanese (male given name) Tsutomu


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Japanese tannen / たんねん Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) painstaking; careful; meticulous; scrupulous; detailed; elaborate


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Japanese inka / いんか Japanese (noun/participle) permission; assent; compliance


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Japanese kokumei / kokume / こくめい Japanese (adjectival noun) (1) detailed; scrupulous; careful; minute; faithful; elaborate; (2) (archaism) diligent; honest; upright; sincere; (male given name) Yoshiaki


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Japanese nyuunen / nyunen / にゅうねん Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) careful; elaborate; scrupulous


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Japanese sokuou / sokuo / そくおう Japanese (noun/participle) (1) compliance; conformance; adaptation; (2) (immediate) response; (rapid) reaction; (given name) Sokuou


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Japanese genmitsu / げんみつ Japanese (adjectival noun) strict; close; precise; scrupulous


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Japanese hanpuku / はんぷく Japanese disobedience and obedience; defiance and compliance


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Japanese gacchi / がっち Japanese (noun/participle) agreement; concurrence; conformance; compliance



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Mandarin hé guī / he2 gui1
Taiwan ho kuei
Chinese compliance


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Mandarin zhōu dào / zhou1 dao4
Taiwan chou tao
Japanese shuutou / shuto / しゅうとう
Chinese thoughtful; considerate; attentive; thorough; also pr. [zhou1 dao5]
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) scrupulous; meticulous; careful


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Mandarin zhōu mì / zhou1 mi4
Taiwan chou mi
Japanese shuumitsu / shumitsu / しゅうみつ
Chinese careful; thorough; meticulous; dense; impenetrable
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) scrupulous; careful; meticulous



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Mandarin xīn xì / xin1 xi4
Taiwan hsin hsi
Chinese careful; scrupulous


see styles
Japanese oudaku / odaku / おうだく Japanese (noun/participle) consent; compliance


see styles
Japanese shoufuku / shofuku / しょうふく Japanese (noun/participle) accepting; consenting; agreeing; submission; compliance; agreement; consent


see styles
Japanese shoufuku / shofuku / しょうふく Japanese (noun/participle) accepting; consenting; agreeing; submission; compliance; agreement; consent


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Japanese shouchi / shochi / しょうち Japanese (noun/participle) (1) knowledge; awareness; (2) consent; acceptance; assent; admitting; compliance; agreement; acknowledgment; acknowledgement; (3) (usu. in the negative as 承知しない) forgiving; pardoning; excusing


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Japanese giteki / ぎてき Japanese (abbreviation) (See 技術基準適合) technical standards compliance


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Japanese sasatsu / ささつ Japanese (noun/participle) inspection (for compliance); investigation (tax, etc.)



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Mandarin xì xīn / xi4 xin1
Taiwan hsi hsin
Japanese saishin / さいしん
Chinese careful; attentive
Japanese (adj-na,n,adj-no) meticulous; careful; discreet; scrupulous; prudent
Carefully, in detail, similar to 細意議 the vijñāna of detailed, unintermitting attention; carefully



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Mandarin mián mì / mian2 mi4
Taiwan mien mi
Japanese menmitsu / めんみつ
Chinese detailed; meticulous; fine and careful
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) minute; detailed; careful; scrupulous; thorough


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Mandarin qìng rán / qing4 ran2
Taiwan ch`ing jan / ching jan
Chinese well disciplined


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Japanese kinchoku / きんちょく Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) conscientious; scrupulous


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Japanese tsuijuu / tsuiju / ついじゅう Japanese (noun/participle) following (e.g. someone's opinion); being servile to; adherence; compliance; emulation; mimicking; servility


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Mandarin zūn shǒu / zun1 shou3
Taiwan tsun shou
Japanese junshu / じゅんしゅ
Chinese to comply with; to abide by; to respect (an agreement)
Japanese (noun/participle) compliance; adherence (to a set of rules); (religious) observance
To obey and keep, e.g. the rules; to obey and keep


see styles
Mandarin zūn xún / zun1 xun2
Taiwan tsun hsün
Chinese to follow; to abide by; to comply with; compliance


see styles
Mandarin zūn xíng / zun1 xing2
Taiwan tsun hsing
Japanese junkou / junko / じゅんこう
Chinese to follow; to obey; compliance
Japanese (noun/participle) obedience

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Well-Disciplined / Scrupulous Compliance Vertical Wall Scroll
Well-Disciplined / Scrupulous Compliance Vertical Wall Scroll

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)
Scrupulous Compliance
厳守gen shu / gen syu
genshu / gensyu

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