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The Name Sugar in Chinese / Japanese...

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Japanese Surname
shā táng
satou / sato
Sato Vertical Wall Scroll

砂糖 is a Japanese surname, "Sato."

This also means sugar or granulated sugar in both Chinese and Japanese.

There are several given names and surnames that romanize as Sato from Japanese. To see more, check out this link: Sato.
Be sure to pick the right Sato before you order a wall scroll etc.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Sato砂糖satou / sato
sato / sato
sato / sato
shā táng / sha1 tang2 / sha tang / shatangsha t`ang / shatang / sha tang

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
shā táng / sha1 tang2
sha t`ang / sha tang
 satou / sato / さとう
Sato Vertical Wall Scroll
granulated sugar
sugar; (surname) Satou


see styles
 shari / シャリ
Sato Vertical Wall Scroll
(food term) sushi rice; rice seasoned with vinegar, sugar and salt

see styles
táng / tang2
t`ang / tang
 tou / to / とう
sugar; sweets; candy; CL:顆|颗[ke1],塊|块[kuai4]
(noun - becomes adjective with の) sugar; (surname) Tou

see styles
tián / tian2
t`ien / tien
sugar beet

see styles
zhè / zhe4
sugar cane


see styles
 zara / ざら (adjectival noun) (1) (See ざらにある,ざらにいる) common; commonplace; (2) reckless; (3) (abbreviation) (See ざら紙) pulp paper; (4) (abbreviation) (See ざらめ糖) granulated sugar; (5) (archaism) coins; small change


see styles
 sanbon / さんぼん (See 和三盆) fine high-grade Japanese refined sugar


see styles
rǔ táng / ru3 tang2
ju t`ang / ju tang
 nyuutou / nyuto / にゅうとう
(noun - becomes adjective with の) milk sugar; lactose


see styles
dài táng / dai4 tang2
tai t`ang / tai tang
sugar substitute


see styles
 teitou / teto / ていとう (can be adjective with の) low-sugar


see styles
bīng táng / bing1 tang2
ping t`ang / ping tang
crystal sugar; rock candy


see styles
 warishita / わりした (food term) (abbreviation) sukiyaki stock; stock mixed with soy sauce, mirin and sugar (used to flavor sukiyaki); (surname) Warishita


see styles
 gentou / gento / げんとう unrefined sugar


see styles
 kaeshi / かえし (1) reversal; return; (2) return gift; return favour (favor); (3) barb (on a fishing hook); (4) mixture of soy sauce, sugar and mirin


see styles
 gantou / ganto / がんとう (noun - becomes adjective with の) sugar content


see styles
tài bái / tai4 bai2
t`ai pai / tai pai
 taihaku / たいはく
Taibai County in Baoji 寶雞|宝鸡[Bao3 ji1], Shaanxi; Venus
(1) (abbreviation) (See 太白星) Venus (planet); (2) thick silk thread; (3) refined sugar; (4) (abbreviation) (See 太白飴) white rice jelly; (5) variety of sweet potato; (female given name) Takiyo


see styles
 nyoutou / nyoto / にょうとう urinary sugar


see styles
 bitou / bito / びとう (noun - becomes adjective with の) (lower than 低糖) very low in sugar content



see styles
bá sī / ba2 si1
pa ssu
wire drawing; candied floss (cooking); spun sugar or toffee (coating)


see styles
fāng táng / fang1 tang2
fang t`ang / fang tang
sugar cube



see styles
rì zhǒng / ri4 zhong3
jih chung
 Nisshu / につしゆ
(surname) Nitsushiyu
Sūrya-vaṃśa, one of the five surnames of Śākyamuni, sun-seed or lineage, his first ancestors having been produced by the sun from. 'two stalks of sugar-cane'; v. Ikṣvāku.


see styles
dàn nà / dan4 na4
tan na
 danna / あさな
(1) master (of a house, shop, etc.); (2) husband (informal); (3) sir; boss; master; governor; word used to address a male patron, customer, or person of high status; (4) patron of a mistress, geisha, bar or nightclub hostess; sugar daddy; (5) (Buddhist term) alms (san:); almsgiving; almsgiver; (female given name) Asana


see styles
 umani / うまに (food term) fish, meat, and vegetables stewed in a thick, sweet sauce of soy sauce, sugar and mirin


see styles
mù táng / mu4 tang2
mu t`ang / mu tang
 mokutou / mokuto / もくとう
xylose (type of sugar)
(See キシリトール) xylose; wood sugar


see styles
 matsukaze;shoufuu / matsukaze;shofu / まつかぜ;しょうふう (1) (sound of) wind blowing through pine trees; (2) (まつかぜ only) (sound of) steam whistling in a kettle (at a tea ceremony); (3) (まつかぜ only) matsukaze; sugar-glazed cookie sprinkled with sesame or poppy seeds; (place-name, surname) Matsukaze


see styles
guǒ táng / guo3 tang2
kuo t`ang / kuo tang
 katou / kato / かとう
fructose; fruit sugar


see styles
guāng láng / guang1 lang2
kuang lang
arenga or sugar palm (Arenga pinnata)


see styles
 umeshu / うめしゅ (See 梅・うめ・1) ume liqueur; Japanese plum brandy; unripe ume infused in liquor (esp. shochu) with added sugar



see styles
fēng táng / feng1 tang2
feng t`ang / feng tang
 fuutou;kaedetou / futo;kaedeto / ふうとう;かえでとう
maple syrup
(See メープルシュガー) maple sugar


see styles
tán nà / tan2 na4
t`an na / tan na
 danna / だんな
(1) master (of a house, shop, etc.); (2) husband (informal); (3) sir; boss; master; governor; word used to address a male patron, customer, or person of high status; (4) patron of a mistress, geisha, bar or nightclub hostess; sugar daddy; (5) (Buddhist term) alms (san:); almsgiving; almsgiver
陀那 dāna to give, donate, bestow, charity, alms; supporter of a Buddhist temple

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