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Progress / Ambition

China shàng jìn
Japan joushin
Progress / Ambition Vertical Wall Scroll

This Chinese and Japanese word means to make progress, to do better, ambition to improve oneself, to move forward, to advance.

This should be romanized as Joushin but is often written Joshin from Japanese. It can also be a given name in Japanese.

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Simple Dictionary Definition



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Mandarin shàng jìn / shang4 jin4
Taiwan shang chin
Japanese joushin / joshin / じょうしん
Chinese to make progress; to do better; fig. ambitious to improve oneself; to move forwards
Japanese (noun/participle) progress; advance; (given name) Joushin


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Japanese joushin / joshin / じょうしん Japanese (noun/participle) rise in market prices


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Mandarin shàng chún / shang4 chun2
Taiwan shang ch`un / shang chun
Japanese joushin(p);uwakuchibiru / joshin(p);uwakuchibiru / じょうしん(P);うわくちびる
Chinese upper lip; (entomology) labrum
Japanese upper lip


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Mandarin shàng xīn / shang4 xin1
Taiwan shang hsin
Japanese jōshin
Chinese carefully; meticulously; to set one's heart on something
mental state of the formless meditation heaven


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Japanese joushin / joshin / じょうしん Japanese (noun/participle) report to a superior


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Mandarin shàng shēn / shang4 shen1
Taiwan shang shen
Japanese jōshin
Chinese upper part of the body
upper body


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Mandarin chéng jīn / cheng2 jin1
Taiwan ch`eng chin / cheng chin
Japanese jōshin
The vehicle and ford to nirvana, i.e. Buddha-truth; vehicle for fording the river of cyclic existence


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Mandarin nǚ zhēn / nu:3 zhen1
Taiwan nü chen
Japanese joshin / じょしん
Chinese Jurchen, a Tungus ethnic group, predecessor of the Manchu ethnic group who founded the Later Jin Dynasty 後金|后金[Hou4 Jin1] and Qing Dynasty
Japanese Jurchen people


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Mandarin dìng xīn / ding4 xin1
Taiwan ting hsin
Japanese jōshin
定意 A mind fixed in meditation; mind of meditative concentration


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Mandarin dìng shēn / ding4 shen1
Taiwan ting shen
Japanese jōshin
The dharmakāya of meditation, one of the 五分法身 five forms of the Buddha-dharmakāya; body of meditation


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Mandarin cháng shēn / chang2 shen1
Taiwan ch`ang shen / chang shen
Japanese jōshin
The eternal Buddha-body, the dharmakāya; eternal body



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Mandarin jìng xìn / jing4 xin4
Taiwan ching hsin
Japanese jōshin
Pure faith.



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Mandarin jìng xīn / jing4 xin1
Taiwan ching hsin
Japanese Jōshin
The pure heart or mind, which is the original Buddha-nature in every man; pure mind


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Mandarin jìng shēn / jing4 shen1
Taiwan ching shen
Japanese jōshin
purify the body



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Mandarin tiáo xīn / tiao2 xin1
Taiwan t`iao hsin / tiao hsin
Japanese jōshin
control one's mind


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Mandarin shàng xīn huò / shang4 xin1 huo4
Taiwan shang hsin huo
Japanese jōshin waku
afflictions affecting those of advanced states of mind


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Mandarin dìng xīn zhì / ding4 xin1 zhi4
Taiwan ting hsin chih
Japanese jōshin chi
cognition of the concentrated mind


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Mandarin dé dìng xīn / de2 ding4 xin1
Taiwan te ting hsin
Japanese toku jōshin
to attain meditative concentration



see styles
Mandarin jìng xīn zhù / jing4 xin1 zhu4
Taiwan ching hsin chu
Japanese jōshin jū
The pure heart stage, the third of the six resting-places of a bodhisattva, in which all illusory views are abandoned; abode of the pure mind


see styles
Mandarin jìng xīn dì / jing4 xin1 di4
Taiwan ching hsin ti
Japanese jōshin ji
ground of pure mind


see styles
Mandarin shēng jìng xìn / sheng1 jing4 xin4
Taiwan sheng ching hsin
Japanese shō jōshin
arouse pure faith



see styles
Mandarin chù dìng xīn / chu4 ding4 xin1
Taiwan ch`u ting hsin / chu ting hsin
Japanese sho jōshin
remaining in meditative concentration



see styles
Mandarin shàng shěn pú sà / shang4 shen3 pu2 sa4
Taiwan shang shen p`u sa / shang shen pu sa
Japanese Jōshin bosatsu
Shangshen Pusa



see styles
Mandarin shàng xīn fán nǎo / shang4 xin1 fan2 nao3
Taiwan shang hsin fan nao
Japanese jōshin bonnō
afflictions of those of advanced states of mind


see styles
Mandarin wǔ fǎ chéng shēn / wu3 fa3 cheng2 shen1
Taiwan wu fa ch`eng shen / wu fa cheng shen
Japanese gohō jōshin
idem 五相成身; achieving the body of Vairocana through the fivefold meditation


see styles
Mandarin wǔ xiāng chéng shēn / wu3 xiang1 cheng2 shen1
Taiwan wu hsiang ch`eng shen / wu hsiang cheng shen
Japanese gosō jōshin
(五相成身觀) A contemplation of the five stages in Vairocana Buddhahood— entry into the bodhi-mind; maintenance of it; attainment of the diamond mind; realization of the diamond embodiment; and perfect attainment of Buddhahood. It refers also to the 五智 of the Vairocana group; also 五轉成身 (or 五法成身) .



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Mandarin wǔ zhuǎn chéng shēn / wu3 zhuan3 cheng2 shen1
Taiwan wu chuan ch`eng shen / wu chuan cheng shen
Japanese goten jōshin
idem 五相成身; achieving the body of Vairocana through the fivefold meditation


see styles
Mandarin dìng xīn sān mèi / ding4 xin1 san1 mei4
Taiwan ting hsin san mei
Japanese jōshin zanmai
A fixed mind samādhi, i. e. fixed on the Pure Land and its glories; meditation-absorption


see styles
Mandarin xīn shēng jìng xìn / xin1 sheng1 jing4 xin4
Taiwan hsin sheng ching hsin
Japanese shinshō jōshin
to give rise in one's mind to pure faith



see styles
Mandarin jìng xīn yì yào / jing4 xin1 yi4 yao4
Taiwan ching hsin i yao
Japanese jōshin igyō
pure-minded aspiration

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
joushin / joshinshàng jìn
shang4 jin4
shang jin
shang chin
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