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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
 uri; uri
    うり; ウリ
melon; gourd; squash
melon; gourd; (surname, female given name) Uri
Gourd, melon, etc; gourd

see styles
young melon

see styles
petal; segment; clove (of garlic); piece; section; fragment; valve; lamella; classifier for pieces, segments etc
(out-dated kanji) (1) petal; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (2) valve
A section, or division (of a melon); a section


see styles
wǔ sè
    wu3 se4
wu se
 goshiki; goshoku
    ごしき; ごしょく
multi-colored; the rainbow; garish
(1) five colors (usu. red, blue, yellow, white and black); five colours; (can be adjective with の) (2) many kinds; varied; (3) (See 瓜) melon; gourd; (place-name, surname) Goshiki
The five primary colors, also called 五正色 (or 五大色): 靑 blue, 黃 yellow, 赤 red, 白 white, 黑 black. The 五間色 or compound colors are 緋 crimson, 紅, scarlet, 紫 purple, 綠 green, 磂黃 brown. The two sets correspond to the cardinal points as follows: east, blue and green; west, white, and crimson; south, red and scarlet; north, black and purple; and center, yellow and brown. The five are permutated in various ways to represent various ideas; five colors


see styles
dōng guā
    dong1 gua1
tung kua
 tougan; touga / togan; toga
    とうがん; とうが
wax gourd (Cucurbitaceae, Benincasa hispida); white gourd; white hairy melon; Chinese squash
wax gourd (Benincasa hispida); ash gourd; white gourd; winter melon


see styles
 kamouri / kamori
(archaism) (See 冬瓜) wax gourd (Benincasa hispida); winter melon


see styles
guā dài
    gua1 dai4
kua tai
a changeover of personnel; a new shift; (lit.) replacement for soldier on leave for the melon-picking season


see styles
guā zǐ
    gua1 zi3
kua tzu
melon seed; seeds of pumpkin, watermelon or sunflower etc, roasted and flavored, consumed as a snack


see styles
melon field; melon patch; (place-name) Kaden


see styles
guā pí
    gua1 pi2
kua p`i
    kua pi
 wari no kahi
Melon rind; melon rind



see styles
guā qí
    gua1 qi2
kua ch`i
    kua chi
the umbilicus of a melon



see styles
guā nóng
    gua1 nong2
kua nung
melon farmer


see styles
bàn xiāng
    ban4 xiang1
pan hsiang
Incense with sections resembling a melon; incense with sections resembling a melon


see styles
 ibodai; ibodai; ebodai
    いぼだい; イボダイ; エボダイ
(kana only) Japanese butterfish (Psenopsis anomala); melon seed


see styles
 shirouri / shirori
melon cucumber


see styles
kǔ guā
    ku3 gua1
k`u kua
    ku kua
 nigauri; nigauri
    にがうり; ニガウリ
bitter melon (bitter gourd, balsam pear, balsam apple, leprosy gourd, bitter cucumber)
(kana only) (See 蔓茘枝) bitter melon (Momordica charantia); bitter gourd; (surname) Nigauri


see styles
 reishi; reishi / reshi; reshi
    れいし; レイシ
(1) (See ライチ) litchi (Nephelium litchi); lychee; lichee; litchi nut; (2) (abbreviation) (See 蔓茘枝) bitter melon (Momordica charantia); bitter gourd; (3) (abbreviation) (See 茘枝貝) Thais bronni (species of muricid gastropod); (given name) Reishi


see styles
cài guā
    cai4 gua1
ts`ai kua
    tsai kua
snake melon; loofah


see styles
yuè guā
    yue4 gua1
yüeh kua
snake melon


see styles
(kana only) storehousebush (Cudrania tricuspidata); mandarin melon berry; silkworm thorn; cudrang


see styles
(1) green flesh (melon, etc.); (2) green meat (e.g. discolored tuna meat)


see styles
xiāng guā
    xiang1 gua1
hsiang kua
cantaloupe melon


see styles
(rkb:) bitter melon (Momordica charantia); bitter gourd


see styles
(rkb:) bitter melon (Momordica charantia); bitter gourd


see styles
(kana only) Hami melon (Cucumis melo var. inodorus); Chinese Hami melon; snow melon


see styles
(See マスクメロン) melon (esp. a muskmelon, Cucumis melo); (g,p) Meron; Mellon


see styles
 tougashi / togashi
wax gourd seed; winter melon seed


see styles
dōng guā guǐ
    dong1 gua1 gui3
tung kua kuei
demon shaped like a winter melon; demon shaped like a winter melon


see styles
mì guā
    ha1 mi4 gua1
ha mi kua
Hami melon (a variety of muskmelon); honeydew melon; cantaloupe
(kana only) Hami melon (Cucumis melo var. inodorus); Chinese Hami melon; snow melon


see styles
mì guā
    ha1 mi4 gua1
ha mi kua
Hami melon (a variety of muskmelon); honeydew melon; cantaloupe; also written 哈密瓜

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