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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

justice; righteousness; meaning; foster (father etc); adopted; artificial (tooth, limb etc); relationship; friendship
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) morality; righteousness; justice; honour (honor); (noun - becomes adjective with の) (2) meaning; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (3) {Buddh} teachings; doctrine; (n,n-pref) (4) nonconsanguineous relationship (i.e. of in-laws); (n,n-pref) (5) prosthesis; (surname) Yoshimura
The right, proper, righteous; loyal; public-spirited, public; meaning, significance. It is used for the Skt. artha, object, purpose, meaning, etc.; also for abhidheya.



see styles
xìn yì
    xin4 yi4
hsin i
good faith; honor; trust and justice
faith; fidelity; loyalty; (male given name) Nobuyoshi


see styles
gōng píng
    gong1 ping2
kung p`ing
    kung ping
 kouhei / kohe
fair; impartial
(noun or adjectival noun) fairness; impartiality; justice; objectivity; (surname, given name) Kouhei



see styles
qíng yì
    qing2 yi4
ch`ing i
    ching i
 jougi / jogi
affection; comradeship
justice and humanity



see styles
zhèng yì
    zheng4 yi4
cheng i
 seigi / segi
justice; righteousness; just; righteous
(1) justice; right; righteousness; (2) (usu. in titles of annotated editions of Confucian classics) correct meaning; correct explanation; (male given name) Masayoshi
traditional or accepted viewpoint of one school or sect



see styles
yì wú fǎn gù
    yi4 wu2 fan3 gu4
i wu fan ku
honor does not allow one to glance back (idiom); duty-bound not to turn back; no surrender; to pursue justice with no second thoughts

see styles
 tou / to
(prefix) (1) (See 当の) this; our; the ... in question; the said ...; (2) (See 当を得る) right; justice; fairness; (given name) Masaru

see styles
is; are; am; yes; to be
righteousness; justice; right; (given name) Naoshi
The verb to be, is, are, etc.; right; this, these; yes


see styles
zhǔ chí
    zhu3 chi2
chu ch`ih
    chu chih
 shuumochi / shumochi
to take charge of; to manage or direct; to preside over; to uphold; to stand for (justice etc); to host (a TV or radio program etc); (TV) anchor
serving a master; employee


see styles
wǔ cháng
    wu3 chang2
wu ch`ang
    wu chang
 gojou / gojo
five constant virtues of Confucianism, namely: benevolence 仁, righteousness 義|义, propriety 禮|礼, wisdom 智 and fidelity 信; five cardinal relationships of Confucianism (between ruler and subject, father and son, husband and wife, brothers, friends); five phases of Chinese philosophy: water 水, fire 火, wood 木, metal 金, earth 土
the five cardinal Confucian virtues (justice, politeness, wisdom, fidelity and benevolence); (place-name) Gojou
five constant [virtues]



see styles
rén yi
    ren2 yi5
jen i
affable and even-tempered
(1) humanity and justice (esp. in Confucianism); virtue; (2) duty; (3) (perhaps derived from 辞儀) (See 辞儀・じんぎ・1,仁義を切る) formal greeting (between yakuza, street vendors, gamblers, etc.); (4) (gang's) moral code; (male given name) Miyoshi
humaneness and rightness



see styles
zhàng yì
    zhang4 yi4
chang i
to uphold justice; to be loyal (to one's friends); to stick by



see styles
rèn xiá
    ren4 xia2
jen hsia
chivalrous; helping the weak for the sake of justice
See: 任侠



see styles
shēn zhāng
    shen1 zhang1
shen chang
 shinchou / shincho
to uphold (e.g. justice or virtue); to promote
(n,vs,adj-no) expansion; extension; elongation; stretching; uncompression


see styles
zuò zhǔ
    zuo4 zhu3
tso chu
to decide; to make decisions; to take responsibility (for deciding); to be in charge; to give sb justice


see styles
gōng zhèng
    gong1 zheng4
kung cheng
 kousei / kose
just; fair; equitable
(noun or adjectival noun) justice; fairness; impartiality; (personal name) Hirotada



see styles
gōng yì
    gong1 yi4
kung i
 kougi / kogi
justice; equity; (male given name) Masayoshi


see styles
gōng dao
    gong1 dao5
kung tao
 koudou / kodo
fair; equitable
(1) public road; highway; (2) righteousness; justice; right path; (given name) Masamichi


see styles
yuān qíng
    yuan1 qing2
yüan ch`ing
    yüan ching
facts of an injustice; circumstances surrounding a miscarriage of justice


see styles
yuān àn
    yuan1 an4
yüan an
miscarriage of justice



see styles
yuān yù
    yuan1 yu4
yüan yü
unjust charge or verdict; miscarriage of justice; frame-up


see styles
xíng bù
    xing2 bu4
hsing pu
 keibu / kebu
Ministry of Justice (in imperial China)
(See 六部・りくぶ) Ministry of Justice (Tang-dynasty China); (surname) Keibe


see styles
sī kòu
    si1 kou4
ssu k`ou
    ssu kou
 shikou / shiko
minister of criminal justice (official rank in imperial China)
(See 六卿) Minister of Justice (Zhou-dynasty China)


see styles
sī fǎ
    si1 fa3
ssu fa
 shihou / shiho
judicial; (administration of) justice
(noun - becomes adjective with の) administration of justice


see styles
judge; judiciary; administration of justice; judicial authorities



see styles
sì wéi
    si4 wei2
ssu wei
 shii; shiyui(ok) / shi; shiyui(ok)
    しい; しゆい(ok)
the four social bonds: propriety, justice, integrity and honor; see 禮義廉恥|礼义廉耻[li3 yi4 lian2 chi3]; the four directions; the four limbs (Chinese medicine); four-dimensional
(1) (See 四隅・2) four ordinal directions; (2) (しい only) (from Guanzi) four cardinal principles of the state (propriety, justice, integrity, sense of shame); (surname) Yotsui
The four half points of the compass, N. E., N. W., S. E., S. W; the four intermediate directions


see styles
dà lǐ
    da4 li3
ta li
judicial officer; justice of the peace (old)
(female given name) Tairi



see styles
dà yì
    da4 yi4
ta i
righteousness; virtuous cause; a woman's marriage; main points of a piece of writing
great cause; moral law; justice; (personal name) Hiroyoshi
great import


see styles
(1) divine punishment; wrath of God; justice of heaven; nemesis; (2) suitable punishment; just deserts; come-uppance


see styles
tíng wèi
    ting2 wei4
t`ing wei
    ting wei
Commandant of Justice in imperial China, one of the Nine Ministers 九卿[jiu3 qing1]

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