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Dharma Buddhist Doctrine in Chinese / Japanese...

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Dharma / Buddhist Doctrine

fó fǎ
Dharma / Buddhist Doctrine Scroll

This can be defined as "The Law of Buddha", "The Power of Buddha", or simply "Dharma".

Dharma / The Law

Dharma / The Law Scroll

法 is the simple way to write "law" or in a Buddhist context "Dharma".

This can also mean method, way or Buddhist teaching. It's also an abbreviation for the country of France.

The Buddhist context exists in Chinese and Korean Hanja but I have not yet confirmed that this means more than "law" when used alone in Japanese.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Buddhist Doctrine
佛法fó fǎ / fo2 fa3 / fo fa / fofa
The Law
hou / hofǎ / fa3 / fa

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
fó fǎ / fo2 fa3
fo fa
Dharma / The Law Scroll
Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha); Buddhist doctrine
buddhadharma; the Dharma or Law preached by the Buddha, the principles underlying these teachings, the truth attained by him, its embodiment in his being. Buddhism; the Buddha-dharma



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fǎ lún / fa3 lun2
fa lun
 hourin / horin / ほうりん
Dharma / The Law Scroll
the Eternal Wheel of life in Buddhism
{Buddh} (See 輪宝,転法輪) the teachings of Buddha (as likened to the Dharmachakra, originally a wheel-like weapon used to destroy the evils of mankind); Buddhist doctrine; (surname) Noriwa
dharmacakra, the Wheel of the Law, Buddha-truth which is able to crush all evil and all opposition, like Indra's wheel, and which rolls on from man to man, place to place, age to age. 轉法輪To turn, or roll along the Law-wheel, i.e. to preach Buddha-truth; wheel of the dharma


see styles
zhú fǎ / zhu2 fa3
chu fa
Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha, archaic); Buddhist doctrine



see styles
dá mó / da2 mo2
ta mo
 daruma(p);daruma / だるま(P);ダルマ
(1) (kana only) daruma; tumbling doll; round, red-painted good-luck doll in the shape of Bodhidharma, with a blank eye to be completed when a person's wish is granted; (2) (kana only) Bodhidharma; (3) prostitute; (personal name) Daruma
dharma; also 達摩; 達麼; 達而麻耶; 曇摩; 馱摩 tr. by 法. dharma is from dhara, holding, bearing, possessing, etc.; and means 'that which is to be held fast or kept, ordinance, statute, law, usage, practice'; 'anything right.' M.W. It may be variously intp. as (1) characteristic, attribute, predicate; (2) the bearer, the transcendent substratum of single elements of conscious life; (3) element, i.e. a part of conscious life; (4) nirvāṇa, i.e. the Dharma par excellence, the object of Buddhist teaching; (5) the absolute, the real; (6) the teaching or religion of Buddha; (7) thing, object, appearance. Also, Damo, or Bodhidharma, the twenty-eighth Indian and first Chinese patriarch, who arrived in China A.D. 520, the reputed founder of the Chan or Intuitional School in China. He is described as son of a king in southern India; originally called Bodhitara. He arrived at Guangdong, bringing it is said the sacred begging-bowl, and settled in Luoyang, where he engaged in silent meditation for nine years, whence he received the title of wall-gazing Brahman 壁觀婆羅門, though he was a kṣatriya. His doctrine and practice were those of the 'inner light', independent of the written word, but to 慧可 Huike, his successor, he commended the Laṅkāvatāra-sūtra as nearest to his views. There are many names with Dharma as initial: Dharmapāla, Dharmagupta, Dharmayaśas, Dharmaruci, Dharmarakṣa, Dharmatrāta, Dharmavardhana, etc.



see styles
màn tú luó / man4 tu2 luo2
man t`u lo / man tu lo
 mandara / まんだら
mandala (loan, Buddhism)
mandala; Buddhist visual schema of the enlightened mind; (given name) Mandara
曼怛羅; 曼特羅; 曼陀羅; 曼拏羅; 蔓陀囉; 滿荼邏 maṇḍala, a circle, globe, wheel ring; "any circular figure or diagram" (M.W.); a magic circle; a plot or place of enlightenment; a round or square altar on which buddhas and bodhisattvas are placed; a group of such, especially the garbhadhātu and vajradhātu groups of the Shingon sect; these were arranged by Kōbō Daishi to express the mystic doctrine of the two dhātu by way of illustration, the garbhadhātu representing the 理 and the 因 principle and cause, the vajradhātu the 智 and the 果 intelligence (or reason) and the effect, i.e. the fundamental realm of being, and mind as inherent in it; v. 胎 and 金剛. The two realms are fundamentally one, as are the absolute and phenomenal, e.g. water and wave. There are many kinds of maṇḍalas, e.g. the group of the Lotus Sutra; of the 觀經; of the nine luminaries; of the Buddha's entering into nirvana, etc. The real purpose of a maṇḍala is to gather the spiritual powers together, in order to promote the operation of the dharma or law. The term is commonly applied to a magic circle, subdivided into circles or squares in which are painted Buddhist divinities and symbols. Maṇḍalas also reveal the direct retribution of each of the ten worlds of beings (purgatory, pretas, animals, asuras, men, devas, the heavens of form, formless heavens, bodhisattvas, and buddhas). Each world has its maṇḍala which represents the originating principle that brings it to completion. The maṇḍala of the tenth world indicates the fulfilment and completion of the nine worlds.



see styles
huá yán zōng / hua2 yan2 zong1
hua yen tsung
 Kegon Shū
Chinese Buddhist school founded on the Buddhavatamsaka-mahavaipulya Sutra (Garland sutra)
The Huayan (Kegon) school, whose foundation work is the Avataṃsaka-sūtra; founded in China by 帝心杜順 Dixin Dushun; he died A.D. 640 and was followed by 雲華智嚴 Yunhua Zhiyan; 賢首法藏 Xianshou Fazang; 淸涼澄觀 Qingliang Chengguan; 圭峯宗密 Guifeng Zongmi, and other noted patriarchs of the sect; its chief patron is Mañjuśrī. The school was imported into Japan early in the Tang dynasty and flourished there. It held the doctrine of the 法性 Dharma-nature, by which name it was also called; Flower Ornament School



see styles
miào fǎ lián huá / miao4 fa3 lian2 hua2
miao fa lien hua
 myōhō renge
法華 The wonderful truth as found in the Lotus Sutra. the One Vehicle Sutra; which is said to contain 實法 Buddha's complete truth as compared with his previous 權法 or 方便法, i.e. partial, or expedient teaching, but both are included in this perfect truth. The sutra is the Saddhamapuṇḍarīka 正法華經 or (添品妙法蓮華經) 妙法蓮華經, also known as 薩曇芥陀利經, of which several translations in whole or part were made from Sanskrit into Chinese, the most popular being by Kumārajīva. It was the special classic of the Tiantai school, which is sometimes known as the 蓮宗 Lotus school, and it profoundly influenced Buddhist doctrine in China, Japan, and Tibet. The commentaries and treatises on it are very numerous; two by Chih-i 智顗 of the Tiantai school being the妙法蓮華經文句 and the 玄義; lotus flower of the fine dharma

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Dharma / The Law Scroll
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