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dà lù
    da4 lu4
ta lu
continent; mainland; CL:個|个[ge4],塊|块[kuai4]
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) continent; (2) continental Asia (esp. mainland China); (3) continental Europe; (female given name) Riku



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lù pō
    lu4 po1
lu p`o
    lu po
continental slope (boundary of continental shelf)


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 rikutou / rikuto
continental island; island formed by separation from a continent; (place-name) Rikutou



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lù jià
    lu4 jia4
lu chia
continental shelf


see styles
 rikudana; rikuhou / rikudana; rikuho
    りくだな; りくほう
continental shelf



see styles
dà lù pō
    da4 lu4 po1
ta lu p`o
    ta lu po
continental slope (boundary of continental shelf)



see styles
dà lù kuài
    da4 lu4 kuai4
ta lu k`uai
    ta lu kuai
continental plates (geology)
continental block; continental landmass; craton



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dà lù xìng
    da4 lu4 xing4
ta lu hsing
 tairikusei / tairikuse
(adj-f,adj-no) (1) continental; (2) continentality



see styles
dà lù jià
    da4 lu4 jia4
ta lu chia
continental shelf


see styles
continental shelf


see styles
 tairikuhou / tairikuho
(See 市民法) civil law; continental law


see styles
(adjectival noun) (1) continental; (adjectival noun) (2) calm; not worried with unimportant details


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people from overseas, especially from China and Korea, who settled in early Japan and introduced Continental culture to the Japanese



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guī lǚ zhì
    gui1 lu:3 zhi4
kuei lü chih
sial rock (containing silicon and aluminium, so comparatively light, making continental plates)



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wéi gé nà
    wei2 ge2 na4
wei ko na
Alfred Wegener (1880-1930), German meteorologist and geophysicist, the originator of the theory of continental drift; also written 魏格納|魏格纳



see styles
wèi gé nà
    wei4 ge2 na4
wei ko na
Alfred Wegener (1880-1930), German meteorologist and geophysicist, the originator of the theory of continental drift


see styles
continental philosophy


see styles
continental state (e.g. Australia)


see styles
continental crust



see styles
dà lù piāo yí
    da4 lu4 piao1 yi2
ta lu p`iao i
    ta lu piao i
continental drift


see styles
 nairikuseikikou / nairikusekiko
continental climate; inland climate


see styles
 tairikuseikikou / tairikusekiko
continental climate



see styles
dà lù xìng qì hòu
    da4 lu4 xing4 qi4 hou4
ta lu hsing ch`i hou
    ta lu hsing chi hou
continental climate


see styles
 tairikuidousetsu / tairikuidosetsu
theory of continental drift


see styles
continental plate


see styles


see styles
continental Europe


see styles
 shitsujuntairikuseikikou / shitsujuntairikusekiko
humid continental climate


see styles
 tairikupureetokyoukai / tairikupureetokyokai
continental plate boundary


see styles
continental tango

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