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強い means strong, potent, competent, domineering, tough, brawny, powerful, healthy, rugged, skilled, resilient, solid, or fierce.

強い is ambiguous without context, so it can mean any or all of these things if you wish.

Intelligence / Intellect

zhì néng
Intelligence / Intellect Scroll

These two characters mean intelligence or intelligent.

The first character means wisdom, intellect or knowledge.

The second means ability, talent, skill, capacity, capable, able, and can even mean competent.

Together, the compound word can mean "capacity for wisdom", "useful knowledge", or even "mental power". Obviously this translates more clearly into English as "intelligence".

Note: 智能 / 知能 is not the same word used to mean "military intelligence". See our other entry for that.

知In modern Japan, they tend to use a version of the first character without the bottom radical. If your audience for this artwork is Japanese, please click on the Kanji to the right instead of the button above.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
智能 / 知能
chinou / chinozhì néng / zhi4 neng2 / zhi neng / zhinengchih neng / chihneng
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Intelligence / Intellect Scroll
(adjective) (1) strong; potent; competent; domineering; tough; (adjective) (2) strong; brawny; powerful; healthy; rugged; (adjective) (3) good (at); skilled; knowledgeable; (adjective) (4) (as 〜に強い) being able to handle; know how to deal (with); durable (against); resistant (to); resilient; (adjective) (5) firm; rigid; solid; (adjective) (6) intense; strong; fierce; high; (adjective) (7) dependable; trustworthy

see styles
 kou / ko
to walk; to go; to travel; a visit; temporary; makeshift; current; in circulation; to do; to perform; capable; competent; effective; all right; OK!; will do; behavior; conduct; Taiwan pr. [xing4] for the behavior-conduct sense
(n,n-suf) (1) going; travelling; traveling; journey; trip; (2) act; action; (suffix noun) (3) bank; (counter) (4) counter for banks; (counter) (5) counter for groups or parties of people; (6) type of classical Chinese verse (usu. an epic from the Tang period onwards); (7) (hist) shopping district (of similar merchants; in the Sui and Tang periods); (8) (hist) merchants' guild (in the Tang period); (female given name) Yukue
Go; act; do; perform; action; conduct; functioning; the deed; whatever is done by mind, mouth, or body, i.e. in thought, word, or deed. It is used for ayana, going, road, course; a march, a division of time equal to six months; also for saṁskāra, form, operation, perfecting, as one of the twelve nidānas, similar to karma, action, work, deed, especially moral action, cf. 業; to practice


see styles
yī duān
    yi1 duan1
i tuan
(adj-no,adv) (kana only) fully fledged; full-fledged; proper; competent; qualified; full-grown
one part


see styles
sān zǐ
    san1 zi3
san tzu
 san shi
(female given name) Mine
The three sons, one filial, wise, and competent; one unfilial but clever and competent; one unfilial stupid, and incompetent; types respectively of bodhisattvas, śrāvakas, and icchahtikas, 涅槃經 33.


see styles
(1) person in charge; (can act as adjective) (2) competent (authority, minister, etc.)


see styles
wǔ zhàng
    wu3 zhang4
wu chang
 goshou / gosho
(1) {Buddh} five hindrances (that prevent a woman from becoming a Buddha, a Brahmā, a Shakra, a devil king, or a wheel-turning king); five obstructions to women's attainment; (2) {Buddh} five hindrances (that impede ascetic practices; sensory desire, ill-will, sloth and torpor, restlessness and worry, doubt)
The five hindrances, or obstacles; also 五礙; 五雲. I. Of women, i. e. inability to become Brahma-kings, Indras, Māra-kings, Caikravarti-kings, or Buddhas. II. The hindrances to the five 五力 powers, i. e. (self-) deception a bar to faith, as sloth is to zeal, anger to remembrance, hatred to meditaton, and discontent to wisdom. III. The hindrances of (1) the passion-nature, e. g. original sin; (2) of karma caused in previous lives; (3) the affairs of life; (4) no friendly or competent preceptor; (5) partial knowledge.



see styles
lái de
    lai2 de5
lai te
to emerge (from a comparison); to come out as; to be competent or equal to



see styles
shèng rèn
    sheng4 ren4
sheng jen
qualified; competent (professionally); to be up to a task



see styles
qiáng gàn
    qiang2 gan4
ch`iang kan
    chiang kan
competent; capable


see styles
 tougai / togai
(can be adjective with の) appropriate (e.g. authorities); concerned; relevant; said; aforementioned; competent; applicable; respective


see styles
dé lì
    de2 li4
te li
able; capable; competent; efficient
(surname) Tokuriki


see styles
yǒu néng
    you3 neng2
yu neng
 yuunou / yuno
(noun or adjectival noun) (ant: 無能・1) able; capable; competent; talented; efficient



see styles
chèn zhí
    chen4 zhi2
ch`en chih
    chen chih
well qualified; competent; to be equal to the task; able to do something very well



see styles
néng gàn
    neng2 gan4
neng kan
capable; competent
(personal name) Yoshiki


see styles
(adj-na,adj-no) competent; suitable; qualified



see styles
shì gé
    shi4 ge2
shih ko
 tekikaku(p); tekkaku
    てきかく(P); てっかく
to be qualified (to bring a complaint, lawsuit etc) (law)
(noun - becomes adjective with の) eligible; qualified; competent


see styles
(1) (abbreviation) (See 所轄税務署・しょかつぜいむしょ) taxation office serving a specific area; competent tax office; (2) (abbreviation) (See 所轄警察署・しょかつけいさつしょ) police station with jurisdiction for a precinct, etc.; competent police station


see styles
(adj-no,adj-na) (1) able; capable; competent; (2) able person; person of ability


see styles
(adj-no,adj-na) (1) able; capable; competent; (2) able person; person of ability


see styles
(adj-no,adj-na) (1) able; capable; competent; (2) able person; person of ability


see styles
(adj-no,adj-na) (1) able; capable; competent; (2) able person; person of ability



see styles
zhǔ guǎn jī guān
    zhu3 guan3 ji1 guan1
chu kuan chi kuan
the authorities; higher competent body



see styles
rén cái jǐ jǐ
    ren2 cai2 ji3 ji3
jen ts`ai chi chi
    jen tsai chi chi
a galaxy of talent (idiom); a great number of competent people


see styles
(yoji) competent in all fields; jack of all trades; very active in many fields; versatile; all-round; 8 faces and 6 arms


see styles
(yoji) according to (depending on) one's ability; if one is good (competent, talented) enough


see styles
 tougaijinbutsu / togaijinbutsu
(yoji) the appropriate person; competent person


see styles
(exp,v5k) (idiom) to be able; to be competent


see styles
 kantokukanchou / kantokukancho
competent authorities; supervisory authority


see styles
 kankatsukanchou / kankatsukancho
controlling office; competent (governmental) authorities


see styles
(adj-no,adj-na) (1) able; capable; competent; (2) able person; person of ability

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