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Chudo in Chinese / Japanese...

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The Middle Way

China zhōng dào
Japan chuu dou
The Middle Way Vertical Wall Scroll

In the most basic translation, this means road through the middle, or middle road.

The expanded meaning can be moderation, golden mean.

But if you are looking for this title, you are probably seeking the Buddhist definition, which is more complex.

中道 is the middle way or middle path of Buddhism. 中道 has various interpretations. In general, it denotes the mean between two extremes and has special reference to the mean between realism and nihilism, or eternal substantial existence and annihilation.

The Buddha teaches that one should not take things to extremes. Don't be extremely evil, and engage in debauchery and murder. But do not spend every waking out trying to be a perfect saint. Instead, take the middle path, try to help others, show loving kindness wherever you can, try not to do harm. If you do inadvertently harm another being, make amends if you can, and move on. Realize you are not perfect, but in time, a path of moderation lead toward proper living and enlightenment.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin zhōng dào / zhong1 dao4
Taiwan chung tao
Japanese nakamichi / なかみち    chuudou / chudo / ちゅうどう
The Middle Way Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese road through the middle; middle road; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) middle of the road; moderation; golden mean; (2) the middle (of what one is doing); half-way; (3) {Buddh} middle way; middle path; (place-name, surname) Nakamichi; (place-name, surname) Nakadou; (surname) Chuudou
The 'mean' has various interpretations. In general it denotes the mean between two extremes, and has special reference to the mean between realism and nihilism, or eternal substantial existence and annihilation; this 'mean' is found in a third principle between the two, suggesting the idea of a realm of mind or spirit beyond the terminology of 有 or 無, substance or nothing, or, that which has form, and is therefore measurable and ponderable, and its opposite of total non-existence. See 中論. The following four Schools define the term according to their several scriptures: the 法相 School describes it as the 唯識, v. 唯識中道; the 三論 School as the 八不 eight negations, v. 三論; the Tiantai as 實相 the true reality; and the Huayan as the 法界 dharmadhātu. Four forms of the Mean are given by the 三論玄義.


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Japanese chuudou / chudo / ちゅうどう Japanese main temple building; (place-name, surname) Nakadou; (surname) Chuudou


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Japanese chuudo / chudo / ちゅうど Japanese (adj-no,n) moderate


see styles
Japanese nakamichi / なかみち    chuudou / chudo / ちゅうどう Japanese (surname) Nakamichi; (given name) Chuudou


see styles
Japanese chuudou / chudo / ちゅうどう    tadamichi / ただみち    tadahiro / ただひろ Japanese (place-name) Chuudou; (given name) Tadamichi; (personal name) Tadahiro


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Japanese choudo / chodo / ちょうど    chuudo / chudo / ちゅうど Japanese consistency


see styles
Mandarin zhōng dào zōng / zhong1 dao4 zong1
Taiwan chung tao tsung
Japanese Chūdō Shū
The third period of the Buddha's teaching, according to the 法相宗, giving the via media between the two extremes, the absolute as not confined to the phenomenal or the noumenal; also called 中道教; Middle Way School


see styles
Mandarin zhōng dào jiào / zhong1 dao4 jiao4
Taiwan chung tao chiao
Japanese chūdō kyō
teaching of the middle way



see styles
Mandarin zhōng dào yì / zhong1 dao4 yi4
Taiwan chung tao i
Japanese chūdō gi
meaning of middle way


see styles
Mandarin zhōng dào xíng / zhong1 dao4 xing2
Taiwan chung tao hsing
Japanese chūdō gyō
the middle path



see styles
Mandarin zhōng dào guān / zhong1 dao4 guan1
Taiwan chung tao kuan
Japanese chūdō kan
One of the Tiantai 三觀 three meditations, i. e. on the doctrine of the Mean to get rid of the illusion of phenomena; contemplation of the middle way


see styles
Mandarin qì zhōng dào / qi4 zhong1 dao4
Taiwan ch`i chung tao / chi chung tao
Japanese kai chūdō
to match with the middle way


see styles
Mandarin yī fǎ zhōng dào / yi1 fa3 zhong1 dao4
Taiwan i fa chung tao
Japanese ippō chūdō
single dharma of the middle way



see styles
Mandarin zhōng dào shí xiāng / zhong1 dao4 shi2 xiang1
Taiwan chung tao shih hsiang
Japanese chūdō jissō
The reality of the 'mean' is neither 有 substance or existent, nor 空 void or non-existent, but a reality which is neither, or a mean between the two extremes of materialism and nihilism; also 中實; true character of the middle way



see styles
Mandarin zhōng dào yìng běn / zhong1 dao4 ying4 ben3
Taiwan chung tao ying pen
Japanese chūdō ōhon
The 'mean' as the basic principle in the 別 and 圓 schools of the doctrine of the 應化身 'transformation body'; middle way of according with the source


see styles
Mandarin fó xìng zhōng dào / fo2 xing4 zhong1 dao4
Taiwan fo hsing chung tao
Japanese busshō chūdō
Middle Way of Buddha-nature


see styles
Mandarin bā bù zhòng dào / ba1 bu4 zhong4 dao4
Taiwan pa pu chung tao
Japanese happu chūdō
eight negations of the middle way



see styles
Mandarin wéi shí zhōng dào / wei2 shi2 zhong1 dao4
Taiwan wei shih chung tao
Japanese yuishiki chūdō
The madhya, or medial doctrine of idealism as held by the 法相 Dharmalakṣana school, that all things are of mind, evolution, and are neither in themselves real nor unreal; the middle path of consciousness-only



see styles
Mandarin qì yú zhōng dào / qi4 yu2 zhong1 dao4
Taiwan ch`i yü chung tao / chi yü chung tao
Japanese kai o chūdō
to match with the middle way



see styles
Mandarin yán quán zhōng dào / yan2 quan2 zhong1 dao4
Taiwan yen ch`üan chung tao / yen chüan chung tao
Japanese gonsen chūdō
the middle way that uses language


see styles
Mandarin zhōng dào jí fǎ jiè / zhong1 dao4 ji2 fa3 jie4
Taiwan chung tao chi fa chieh
Japanese chūdō soku hokkai
The doctrine of the 'mean', is the dharmadhātu, or 'spiritual ' universe; the middle way is the reality-realm



see styles
Mandarin zhōng dào dì yī yì / zhong1 dao4 di4 yi1 yi4
Taiwan chung tao ti i i
Japanese chūdō daiichi gi
The 'mean' is the first and chief of all principles, nothing is outside it; middle way as the highest truth



see styles
Mandarin zhōng dào dì yī yì guān / zhong1 dao4 di4 yi1 yi4 guan1
Taiwan chung tao ti i i kuan
Japanese chūdō daiichi gi kan
contemplation of the (supreme) Middle Way



see styles
Mandarin zhōng dào dì yī yì dì / zhong1 dao4 di4 yi1 yi4 di4
Taiwan chung tao ti i i ti
Japanese chūdō daiichi gi tai
cardinal truth of the middle way


see styles
Japanese choudo;chuudo(稠度) / chodo;chudo(稠度) / ちょうど;ちゅうど(稠度) Japanese consistency



see styles
Mandarin yī sè yī xiāng wú fēi zhōng dào / yi1 se4 yi1 xiang1 wu2 fei1 zhong1 dao4
Taiwan i se i hsiang wu fei chung tao
Japanese isshiki ikkō muhi chūdō
An atom or an odour is a complete microcosm of the 中道 middle way or golden mean; the Mean is found in all things; even a simple color or smell does not lack the middle way

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
The Middle Way中道chuu dou / chuudou / chu do / chudozhōng dào
zhong1 dao4
zhong dao
chung tao

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