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pú tao jiǔ
bu dou shu / bu dou sake
Wine Scroll

葡萄酒 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for wine.

Very specifically, this is for grape wine (an important distinction in Asia where most wine was rice-based until western influences came into play).

The first word, 葡萄 literally means grape (or grapevine), and 酒 means alcohol (generic term for alcohol, sake, wine, liquor).

Wine / Alcohol / Sake

sake / shu
Wine / Alcohol / Sake Scroll

酒 is the Chinese character, Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji that means alcohol.

This can refer to wine (esp. rice wine), liquor, spirits, sake, or to alcoholic beverages in general.

In the west, we tend to say "sake" to mean Japanese rice wine, however, this character is a little ambiguous in Japanese. It literally just means alcohol, and is often pronounced "shu" in Japanese. Specifically, in Japanese, you might want to ask for "seishu" or 清酒 to get the sake that you are used to in the west. Seishu literally means "clear alcohol".

Sumptuous Debauchery

jiǔ chí ròu lín
shu chi niku rin
Sumptuous Debauchery Scroll

酒池肉林 is a Chinese idiom that is also somewhat known in Japanese and Korean.

酒池肉林 literally means, "lakes of wine and forests of meat".

Figuratively, it refers to debauchery, sumptuous entertainment, a sumptuous feast, or any kind of ridiculously-lavish spread of food and wine.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Wine葡萄酒bu dou shu / bu dou sake
budoushu / budousake
bu do shu / bu do sake
budoshu / budosake
pú tao jiǔ
pu2 tao5 jiu3
pu tao jiu
p`u t`ao chiu
pu tao chiu
sake / shujiǔ / jiu3 / jiuchiu
Sumptuous Debauchery酒池肉林shu chi niku rin
jiǔ chí ròu lín
jiu3 chi2 rou4 lin2
jiu chi rou lin
chiu ch`ih jou lin
chiu chih jou lin

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your chinese wine search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
senior; of a senior generation; to honor; to respect; honorific; classifier for cannons and statues; ancient wine vessel
(1) zun (ancient Chinese wine vessel, usu. made of bronze); (prefix) (2) (archaism) (honorific or respectful language) honorific prefix referring to the listener; (suf,ctr) (3) counter for buddhas; (female given name) Mikoto
To honour. ārya; honoured, honourable; to honor

see styles
 shaku; saku(ok)
    しゃく; さく(ok)
ancient bronze wine holder with 3 legs and loop handle; nobility
(1) jue (ancient 3-legged Chinese wine pitcher, usu. made of bronze); (2) peerage (hereditary title bestowed by the emperor); (female given name) Tsukasa



see styles
wēn jiǔ
    wen1 jiu3
wen chiu
to warm up wine; wine served warm, generally referring to Chinese wine such as 黃酒[huang2 jiu3] and 白酒[bai2 jiu3]


see styles
bái jiǔ
    bai2 jiu3
pai chiu
 paichuu / paichu
baijiu, a spirit usually distilled from sorghum; (Tw) white wine (abbr. for 白葡萄酒[bai2 pu2 tao5 jiu3])
baijiu (distilled Chinese alcohol, made from fermented grains) (chi: báijiǔ)


see styles
lǎo jiǔ
    lao3 jiu3
lao chiu
 roushu; raochuu; raochuu / roshu; raochu; raochu
    ろうしゅ; ラオチュー; ラオチュウ
wine, esp. Shaoxing wine
(1) (ラオチュー is the Chinese name) (See 紹興酒) fermented Chinese alcoholic beverage (esp. Shaoxing wine) (chi: lǎojiǔ); (2) (ろうしゅ only) old alcohol


see styles
ài jiǔ
    ai4 jiu3
ai chiu
wine flavored with Chinese mugwort



see styles
hūn jiǔ
    hun1 jiu3
hun chiu
{Buddh} pungent vegetables (e.g. garlic or Chinese chives) and wine
Non-vegetarian foods and wine; non-vegetarian foods and wine



see styles
zuì xiā
    zui4 xia1
tsui hsia
drunken shrimp (Chinese dish based on shrimps marinated in Chinese wine)


see styles
xiāng shān
    xiang1 shan1
hsiang shan
Fragrance Hill (a park in Beijing)
(surname) Koyama
the fragrant or incense mountains, so called because the Gandharvas do not drink wine or eat meat, but feed on incense or fragrance and give off fragrant odours. As musicians of Indra, or in the retinue of Dhṛtarāṣtra, they are said to be the same as, or similar to, the Kinnaras. They are, or according to M. W., Dhṛtarāṣtra is associated with soma, the moon, and with medicine. They cause ecstasy, are erotic, and the patrons of marriageable girls; the apsaras are their wives, and both are patrons of dicers.; Gandhamādana. Incense mountain, one of the ten fabulous mountains known to Chinese Buddhism, located in the region of the Anavatapta lake in Tibet; also placed in the Kunlun range. Among its great trees dwell the Kinnaras, Indra's musicians.



see styles
nǚ ér hóng
    nu:3 er2 hong2
nü erh hung
kind of Chinese wine



see styles
shào xīng jiǔ
    shao4 xing1 jiu3
shao hsing chiu
 shoukoushu; shaoshinchuu; shaoshinchuu / shokoshu; shaoshinchu; shaoshinchu
    しょうこうしゅ; シャオシンチュウ; シャオシンチュー
Shaoxing wine a.k.a. "yellow wine", traditional Chinese wine made from glutinous rice and wheat
shaoxingjiu (Chinese alcohol made from rice or glutinous millet) (chi: shàoxīngjiǔ)


see styles
 raochuu / raochu
fermented Chinese alcoholic beverage (esp. Shaoxing wine) (chi: laojiu)


see styles
 raochuu / raochu
fermented Chinese alcoholic beverage (esp. Shaoxing wine) (chi: laojiu)

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