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Peaceful / Tranquil / Calm / Free From Worry

ān níng
an nei
Peaceful / Tranquil / Calm / Free From Worry Scroll

安寧 is a nice word that means peaceful, tranquil, calm, composed, "free from worry", "public peace", tranquility, good health, well-being, or welfare in Chinese and Korean.

Note: The definition in Japanese is not so broad but still means peaceful or "public peace".

Tranquil / Tranquility / Serenity

níng jìng
Tranquil / Tranquility / Serenity Scroll

寧靜 expresses the idea of tranquility and serenity in Chinese.

See Also:  Peace | Inner Peace | Harmony | Calm

Silent / Solitary

Silent / Solitary Scroll

寂 means silent, solitary, quiet, calm, still, rest, or tranquil.

This also has a strong Buddhist association where it can mean "entering into Nirvana". In that context, this is sometimes used to refer to the passing of a Buddhist monk (he is silent, as he has entered Nirvana). For the living, this is about tranquility (especially of mind).

Some will also use this to mean "elegant simplicity".

From Sanskrit, this can represent praśama, vivikta, śānti, or nibbāna (nirvāṇa).

Serenity / Tranquility

píng jìng
Serenity / Tranquility Scroll

平靜 is one of several ways to express as "serenity" or "tranquility" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

It can also be translated as calm, serenity, tranquil, undisturbed or serene.

See Also:  Peace

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Free From Worry
an nei / anneiān níng / an1 ning2 / an ning / anning
níng jìng
ning2 jing4
ning jing
ning ching
jakujì / ji4 / jichi
heiseipíng jìng
ping2 jing4
ping jing
p`ing ching
ping ching
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
huò / huo4
 wa / わたる
Serenity / Tranquility Scroll
to mix (ingredients) together; to blend; classifier for rinses of clothes; classifier for boilings of medicinal herbs
(1) (mathematics term) sum; (2) harmony; peace; (n,n-pref,adj-no) (3) Japan; Japanese-style; (noun or adjectival noun) (kana only) soft; fragile; weak; poorly built; insubstantial; (adj-nari) (archaism) tranquil; calm; quiet; peaceful; calm (at sea); lull; (given name) Wataru
Harmony, peace; to blend, mix; with, unite with; respond, rhyme; to be soft

see styles
ān / an1
 yasu / やす
Serenity / Tranquility Scroll
content; calm; still; quiet; safe; secure; in good health; to find a place for; to install; to fix; to fit; to bring (a charge against sb); to pacify; to harbor (good intentions); security; safety; peace; ampere
(pref,suf) (1) cheap; (prefix) (2) (See 安請け合い) rash; thoughtless; careless; indiscreet; frivolous; (personal name) Yasuji
Peace, tranquil, quiet, pacify; to put, place; where ? how?

see styles
/ ji4
 jaku;seki / じゃく;せき
Serenity / Tranquility Scroll
silent; solitary; Taiwan pr. [ji2]
(1) (entering into) nirvana; (suffix noun) (2) (used after a date to indicate the death of a monk at that time) died; (adj-t,adv-to) (3) (usu. せき) silent; tranquil; (female given name) Yoshika
praśama; vivikta; śānti. Still, silent, quiet, solitary, calm, tranquil, nirvāṇa; to become quiet

see styles
píng / ping2
p`ing / ping
 hei / he / へい
Serenity / Tranquility Scroll
flat; level; equal; to tie (make the same score); to draw (score); calm; peaceful; see also 平聲|平声[ping2 sheng1]
(prefix) (abbreviation) (See 平成) nth year in the Heisei era (1989.1.8-2019.4.30); (surname) Yoshi
Even, level, tranquil; ordinary.



see styles
ān níng / an1 ning2
an ning
 annei / anne / あんねい
peaceful; tranquil; calm; composed; free from worry
(noun or adjectival noun) (public) peace; stability; tranquillity; (surname) Annei

see styles
tián / tian2
t`ien / tien
 ten / てん
quiet; calm; tranquil; peaceful
(adj-t,adv-to) (See 恬として) nonchalant; (given name) Yasushi


see styles
 taira / たいら (adjectival noun) (1) flat; level; even; smooth; (2) calm; tranquil; placid; composed; stable; (3) (usu. as お平らに) relaxed (sitting posture); comfortable; (suffix noun) (4) (after a place name, usu. だいら) (See 平・だいら) plateau; tableland; plain


see styles
 heion / heon / へいおん (adj-na,n,adj-no) tranquil; calm; restful; peaceful; quiet; (place-name) Hirao


see styles
píng jìng / ping2 jing4
p`ing ching / ping ching
to suppress rebellion and quell unrest; to bring calm and order to; calm and peaceful; tranquil


see styles
 shouyou / shoyo / しょうよう (adj-t,adv-to) calm; composed; tranquil



see styles
xīn jìng / xin1 jing4
hsin ching
tranquil; calm


see styles
 anjo / あんじょ (adv-to,adj-t) (archaism) calm; tranquil; (personal name) Yasuyuki


see styles
 anzen / あんぜん (adv-to,adj-t) (archaism) (See 晏如) calm; tranquil


see styles
niè pán / nie4 pan2
nieh p`an / nieh pan
 nehan / ねはん
nirvana (Buddhism)
(1) {Buddh} nirvana; supreme enlightenment; (2) {Buddh} death; death of Buddha
nirvāṇa, 'blown out, gone out, put out, extinguished'; 'liberated-from existence'; 'dead, deceased, defunct.' 'Liberation, eternal bliss'; '(with Buddhists and Jainas) absolute extinction or annihilation, complete extinction of individual existence.' M.W. Other forms are 涅槃那; 泥日; 泥洹; 泥畔 Originally translated 滅 to extinguish, extinction, put out (as a lamp or fire), it was also described as 解脫 release, 寂滅 tranquil extinction; 無爲 inaction, without effort, passiveness; 不生 no (re)birth; 安樂 calm joy; 滅度transmigration to 'extinction'. The meaning given to 'extinction' varies, e.g. individual extinction; cessation of rebirth; annihilation of passion; extinction of all misery and entry into bliss. While the meaning of individual extinction is not without advocates, the general acceptation is the extinction or end of all return to reincarnation with its concomitant suffering, and the entry into bliss. Nirvāṇa may be enjoyed in the present life as an attainable state, with entry into parinirvāṇa, or perfect bliss to follow. It may be (a) with a 'remainder', i.e. the cause but not all the effect (karma), of reincarnation having been destroyed; (b) without 'remainder', both cause and effect having been extinguished. The answer of the Buddha as to the continued personal existence of the Tathāgata in nirvāṇa is, in the Hīnayāna canon, relegated 'to the sphere of the indeterminates' (Keith), as one of the questions which are not essential to salvation. One argument is that flame when blown out does not perish but returns to the totality of Fire. The Nirvāṇa Sutra claims for nirvāṇa the ancient ideas of 常樂我淨 permanence, bliss, personality purity in the transcendental realm. Mahāyāna declares that Hīnayāna by denying personality in the transcendental realm denies the existence of the Buddha. In Mahāyāna final nirvāṇa is transcendental, and is also used as a term for the absolute. The place where the Buddha entered his earthly nirvāṇa is given as Kuśinagara, cf. 拘; (Skt. nirvāṇa)


see styles
dàn rán / dan4 ran2
tan jan
tranquil and calm; indifferent


see styles
 nodoka / のどか (adjectival noun) (kana only) tranquil; calm; quiet; peaceful; (female given name) Nodoka



see styles
xián jìng / xian2 jing4
hsien ching
calm; tranquil


see styles
 yasuraka / やすらか (noun or adjectival noun) peaceful; tranquil; calm; restful


see styles
 kokoroshizuka / こころしずか (adjectival noun) calm; serene; tranquil; peaceful


see styles
 nodo / のど (adj-nari) (archaism) tranquil; calm; quiet; peaceful


see styles
 nodokayaka / のどかやか (adjectival noun) (archaism) (See 長閑) tranquil; calm; quiet; peaceful; peaceable



see styles
fēng píng làng jìng / feng1 ping2 lang4 jing4
feng p`ing lang ching / feng ping lang ching
lit. breeze is still, waves are quiet (idiom); tranquil environment; all is quiet; a dead calm (at sea)



see styles
fēng tián làng jìng / feng1 tian2 lang4 jing4
feng t`ien lang ching / feng tien lang ching
lit. breeze is still, waves are quiet (idiom); tranquil environment; All is quiet.; a dead calm (at sea)

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