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  1. Wine / Alcohol / Sake

  2. Beer

  3. Wine

  4. Gin

  5. Sumptuous Debauchery

  6. In Wine there is Truth

  7. Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red,...

Wine / Alcohol / Sake

China jiǔ
Japan sake / shu
Wine / Alcohol / Sake Vertical Wall Scroll

酒 is the Chinese character, Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji that means alcohol.

This can refer to wine (esp. rice wine), liquor, spirits, sake, or to alcoholic beverages in general.

In the west, we tend to say "sake" to mean Japanese rice wine, however, this character is a little ambiguous in Japanese. It literally just means alcohol, and is often pronounced "shu" in Japanese. Specifically, in Japanese, you might want to ask for "seishu" or 清酒 to get the sake that you are used to in the west. Seishu literally means "clear alcohol."


China pí jiǔ
Beer Vertical Wall Scroll

啤酒 means beer in Chinese.

This can refer to virtually any fermented grain-based alcoholic beverage that has bubbles. So this includes all kinds of ales and lagers.

In China, the grains used for beer sometimes include rice. But even in Chinese beer, the concept is the same - beer must be made with hops and yeast.

Beer was the third word I learned in Chinese, and I've toured 3 different breweries in China, Tsing Tao, Lao Shan, and Yanjing. I've done my research on this calligraphy entry!


China pú tao jiǔ
Japan bu dou shu / bu dou sake
Wine Vertical Wall Scroll

葡萄酒 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for wine.

Very specifically, this is for grape wine (an important distinction in Asia where most wine was rice-based until western influences came into play).

The first word, 葡萄 literally means grape (or grapevine), and 酒 means alcohol (generic term for alcohol, sake, wine, liquor).


China dù sōng zǐ jiǔ
Gin Vertical Wall Scroll

杜松子酒 is the full Chinese name for the alcohol known as gin.

If you like this juniper-berry-based liquor, this could be the title for you. Don't skimp on the vermouth!

Sumptuous Debauchery

China jiǔ chí ròu lín
Japan shu chi niku rin
Sumptuous Debauchery Vertical Wall Scroll

酒池肉林 is a Chinese idiom that is also somewhat known in Japanese and Korean.

酒池肉林 literally means, "lakes of wine and forests of meat."

Figuratively, it refers to debauchery, sumptuous entertainment, a sumptuous feast, or any kind of ridiculously-lavish spread of food and wine.

In Wine there is Truth

China jiǔ hòu tǔ zhēn yán
In Wine there is Truth Vertical Wall Scroll

This is a nice Asian proverb if you know a vintner or wine seller - or wine lover - although the actual meaning might not be exactly what you think or hope.

The literal meaning is that someone drinking wine is more likely to let the truth slip out. It can also be translated as, "People speak their true feelings after drinking alcohol."

It's long-believed in many parts of Asia that one can not consciously hold up a facade of lies when getting drunk, and therefore the truth will come out with a few drinks.

I've had the experience where a Korean man would not trust me until I got drunk with him (I was trying to gain access to the black market in North Korea which is tough to do as an untrusted outsider) - so I think this idea is still well-practiced in many Asian countries.

后 VS 後

Please note that there are two common ways to write the second character of this phrase. The way it's written will be left up to the mood of the calligrapher, unless you let us know that you have a certain preference.

See Also:  Honesty | Truth

Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red,
Gold Turns a Heart Black

China bái jiǔ hóng rén miàn huáng jīn hēi shì xīn
Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red, / Gold Turns a Heart Black Vertical Wall Scroll

Literally this says: [Just as] white liquor makes people's faces turn red, [So] yellow gold makes people's hearts turn black.

This is a warning about the nature of greed. The suggestion is that one who lusts for gold and riches, will eventually have a black heart (or become a heartless greedy bastard). As a wall scroll, this is a reminder and warning to keep yourself from following the greedy path.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin jiǔ / jiu3
Taiwan chiu
Japanese sake(p);sasa;ki(ok);kushi(ok);shu / さけ(P);ささ;き(ok);くし(ok);しゅ
Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red, / Gold Turns a Heart Black Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese wine (esp. rice wine); liquor; spirits; alcoholic beverage; CL:杯[bei1],瓶[ping2],罐[guan4],桶[tong3],缸[gang1]
Japanese (See お酒) alcohol; sake; (surname) Zake; (surname) Sake; (surname) Saka
surā; maireya; madya. Wine, alcoholic liquor; forbidden to monks and nuns by the fifth commandment.


see styles
Mandarin pí jiǔ / pi2 jiu3
Taiwan p`i chiu / pi chiu
Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red, / Gold Turns a Heart Black Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese beer (loanword); CL:杯[bei1],瓶[ping2],罐[guan4],桶[tong3],缸[gang1]


see styles
Mandarin pú tao jiǔ / pu2 tao5 jiu3
Taiwan p`u t`ao chiu / pu tao chiu
Japanese budoushu / budoshu / ぶどうしゅ
Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red, / Gold Turns a Heart Black Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese (grape) wine
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (grape) wine


see styles
Mandarin dù sōng zǐ jiǔ / du4 song1 zi3 jiu3
Taiwan tu sung tzu chiu
Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red, / Gold Turns a Heart Black Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese gin


see styles
Mandarin jiǔ chí ròu lín / jiu3 chi2 rou4 lin2
Taiwan chiu ch`ih jou lin / chiu chih jou lin
Japanese shuchinikurin / しゅちにくりん
Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red, / Gold Turns a Heart Black Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese lakes of wine and forests of meat (idiom); debauchery; sumptuous entertainment
Japanese (yoji) sumptuous feast; debauch


see styles
Japanese osake / おさけ Japanese (polite language) alcohol; sake


see styles
Japanese joushu / joshu / じょうしゅ Japanese high-class sake


see styles
Mandarin xià jiǔ / xia4 jiu3
Taiwan hsia chiu
Chinese to be appropriate to have with alcohol; to down one's drink


see styles
Japanese ranshu / らんしゅ Japanese drunken spree or frenzy


see styles
Mandarin zuǒ jiǔ / zuo3 jiu3
Taiwan tso chiu
Chinese to drink together (in company); to drink together (with food)


see styles
Japanese kashu / かしゅ Japanese good wine; good drink


see styles
Japanese reishu / reshu / れいしゅ    hiyazake / ひやざけ Japanese cold sake


see styles
Japanese kikizake / ききざけ Japanese sake tasting; wine tasting



see styles
Mandarin quàn jiǔ / quan4 jiu3
Taiwan ch`üan chiu / chüan chiu
Chinese to urge sb to drink alcohol


see styles
Japanese masuzake / ますざけ Japanese alcohol (esp. sake) served in a small wooden box; alcohol (esp. sake) sold in a small wooden box


see styles
Japanese tamagozake / たまござけ Japanese eggnog (made with sake)


see styles
Japanese genshu / げんしゅ Japanese refined sake not diluted in water; undiluted sake; unblended whisky (whiskey)


see styles
Japanese koshu;furuzake / こしゅ;ふるざけ Japanese well-cured sake; last year's sake; old sake; (surname) Koshu


see styles
Japanese tadazake / ただざけ Japanese free alcohol; free liquor; free drinks


see styles
Mandarin míng jiǔ / ming2 jiu3
Taiwan ming chiu
Japanese meishu / meshu / めいしゅ
Chinese a famous wine
Japanese famous brand of sake; choice sake


see styles
Japanese umazake / うまざけ    umasake / うまさけ    ajizake / あじざけ Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) high-grade sake; good sake; (surname) Misake


see styles
Japanese washu / わしゅ Japanese (See 日本酒) traditional Japanese alcohol (primarily sake, but also shochu and fruit wine)


see styles
Mandarin pǐn jiǔ / pin3 jiu3
Taiwan p`in chiu / pin chiu
Chinese to taste wine; to sip wine


see styles
Mandarin xǐ jiǔ / xi3 jiu3
Taiwan hsi chiu
Chinese wedding feast; liquor drunk at a wedding feast


see styles
Mandarin hē jiǔ / he1 jiu3
Taiwan ho chiu
Chinese to drink (alcohol)


see styles
Japanese jizake / じざけ Japanese local sake


see styles
Japanese yozake / よざけ Japanese nightcap; drink at night


see styles
Japanese oozake / おおざけ Japanese heavy drinking; (place-name, surname) Oozake


see styles
Mandarin diàn jiǔ / dian4 jiu3
Taiwan tien chiu
Chinese a libation


see styles
Japanese yasuzake / やすざけ Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) cheap sake

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
sake / shujiǔ / jiu3 / jiuchiu
Beer啤酒pí jiǔ / pi2 jiu3 / pi jiu / pijiup`i chiu / pichiu / pi chiu
Wine葡萄酒bu dou shu / bu dou sake
budoushu / budousake
bu do shu / bu do sake
pú tao jiǔ
pu2 tao5 jiu3
pu tao jiu
p`u t`ao chiu
pu tao chiu
Gin杜松子酒dù sōng zǐ jiǔ
du4 song1 zi3 jiu3
du song zi jiu
tu sung tzu chiu
Sumptuous Debauchery酒池肉林shu chi niku rin
jiǔ chí ròu lín
jiu3 chi2 rou4 lin2
jiu chi rou lin
chiu ch`ih jou lin
chiu chih jou lin
In Wine there is Truth酒后吐真言 / 酒後吐真言
jiǔ hòu tǔ zhēn yán
jiu3 hou4 tu3 zhen1 yan2
jiu hou tu zhen yan
chiu hou t`u chen yen
chiu hou tu chen yen
Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red, Gold Turns a Heart Black白酒紅人面黃金黑世心
bái jiǔ hóng rén miàn huáng jīn hēi shì xīn
bai2 jiu3 hong2 ren2 mian4 huang2 jin1 hei1 shi4 xin1
bai jiu hong ren mian huang jin hei shi xin
pai chiu hung jen mien huang chin hei shih hsin
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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