Large Koi Fish and Lotus Flower Chinese Painting

Approximate Measurements

Artwork Panel: 63.8cm x 64.3cm  ≈  25" x 25¼"

Silk/Brocade Border: 73.1cm x 73cm  ≈  28¾" x 28¾"


The Quiet Elegance of the Lotus Pond

This painting features a couple orange koi fish (carp) swimming through patches of lotus flowers and lilies.

The artist's title for this piece is 荷塘清趣 or "Hé Táng Qīng Qù"
For the translation:
Hé = Lotus
Táng = Pond
Qīng = Clear
Qù = Sentiment
Together, Qīng & Qù = Elegance

The characters after that read, 丁酉年 which is an ancient way to indicate this was painted in 2017. The artist signed it, 袁野畫, or "Yuan Ye Painted". 畫 is a character that in this context means, "painted by".

Materials used are watercolors on handmade xuan paper. The painting was then mounted with a copper-brown-colored silk brocade matting/border.

About the Artist:

This was hand painted by 袁野 (Yuan Ye) who lives near Guilin in Southern China. Most of his paintings feature fish which are his specialty.