Red Earth and Colors of Spring - Large Bird and Flower Painting

Approximate Measurements

Artwork Panel: 97.1cm x 52cm  ≈  38¼" x 20½"

Silk/Brocade Border: 116.8cm x 62cm  ≈  46" x 24½"


Red Earth - Colors of Spring

Shí zhàng hóng chén fēi bù dìng, yòu suí chūn sè shàng huā shāo

This painting features a bird alight on the branch of a plum tree with many spring blossoms freshly blooming.

The artist's title for this piece is 十丈紅塵飛不定, 又隨春色上花梢. The first part, 十丈紅塵飛不定, means, "Ten feet of red earth flying and not settled" (or thick red dirt swirling around) which represents deep cycles of the mortal world in some contexts. The second part, 又隨春色上花梢, means "Along and again with spring color shown on flowers and branches (color brought by the spring air back onto flowers with the cycling of the season).

This artwork was painted by 懿嘉 (Yi Jia). The materials include a special water-pattern xuan paper mounted with a white silk brocade border. The artwork will arrive rolled up in a ready-to-frame condition.