Fish Windsock - Japanese Woodblock Print Repro Scroll-Style Portrait

Approximate Measurements

35cm x 70cm  ≈  13¾" x 27½"


Suidōbashi Surugadai

This is a modern reproduction of an old Japanese woodblock print (浮世絵). This print shows paper carp streamers hanging from long bamboo poles for the "Tango no Sekku" or "seasonal festival of May".

From the series 'One Hundred Famous Views of Edo' (Meisho Edo hyakkei)

This shows the Shidō Bridge and the samurai district of Surugadai. In the background, you can see Edo Castle and Mt. Fuji.

This is from the series "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo" of 1856-1858 (There were actually 118 prints).

So, we got our wires crossed, and this was supposed to be mounted as a wall scroll. Instead, it's a portrait with a nice and extended brocade border. You can trim the top and bottom off to suit the size you frame you want to use. I'm bargain pricing this!