Blemished Blank Tan/White Wall Scroll

Approximate Measurements

Artwork Panel: 32.3cm x 64.5cm  ≈  12¾" x 25¼"

Silk/Brocade: 41.5cm x 120cm  ≈  16¼" x 47¼"

Width at Wooden Knobs: 50.5cm  ≈  19¾"

Blemished Blank Tan/White Wall Scroll close up view

Close up view of the artwork mounted to this silk brocade wall scroll

Discount Asian Art
Reason for discount: Very minor silk flaw.

Blank Wall Scroll

This is a blank wall scroll, intended for calligraphy or other custom artwork that you can apply. This one just has a minor blemish, so it's going for nearly half-price.