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Peace / Harmony
Bushido - Way of the Warrior
Aikido Tattoo

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Asian Symbols Tattoo Service

Don't end up with meaningless or fake Chinese characters on your body!

Free Japanese/Chinese Dragon Symbol Tattoo.

The Asian Tattoo Caveat:

It seems that having Chinese/Japanese character tattoos is getting more popular every day.
But there is a huge problem!

Many people are ending up with incorrect or meaningless characters that some tattoo artist simply made up. To make matters worse, virtually all flashers in tattoo parlors contain some errors or misrepresentations!

There are even websites in China and Japan whose sole purpose seems to be making fun of American movie stars, ball players, and singers who've been inked with strange Asian tattoos.

Don't end up with "Big Dumb Pink Dragon" on your arm (unless that's what you want). Plenty of people have sent me pictures of their Asian character tattoos, and many times, I've had to tell them some really bad news about the meaning of their tattoo. There was actually a guy that had "powerful dragon female" on his neck. Many others thought they were getting "courage" but instead got something that means "terrible mistake" instead.

To help you avoid tragedy, I've created this "Asian tattoo service".

Whether you need just one simple character, or you want a whole phrase translated, we'll do it for you, and output it as large image files in a variety of character styles.

I've been studying Japanese and Chinese for a decade, but that's not enough. All tattoo projects are translated and checked by professional native Japanese or Chinese translators.

Much of the time, single words are written the same in Japanese and Chinese (in fact, they are often the same in old Korean Hanja too). Therefore your tattoo will often be universal in the CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) world.
However, if this is not the case, I suggest going with the Chinese version, since a third of the world's population will be able to natively read your tattoo, while about 1% of the world population is Japanese.
More about deciding between Japanese or Chinese for a tattoo


To Order:

Just enter the word, character, or phrase that you are looking for, the number of English words, and language. Click on the "Add to Cart" button and checkout.

After that, we may email back and forth with you a little, if your phrase is complex. We really want to make sure the result is accurate. Then, after a day or two, we'll give you a web page to download and print digital templates of your characters.

To make it simple, this service is priced based on the number of English words that you want translated.
It's $20 for the first word, and $5 for each additional word.
Note: You can count compound words like "will-power" or "non-violence" as one. Also, no need to count little articles like "and", "is", "of", "the" etc.