The postal services in Indonesia, Nigeria, and India are not reliable according to our experience.

All information below is based on feedback from customers and our experience shipping artwork to these countries.
These are the Issues:

Indonesia: Many packages lost. The ones that are delivered are often smashed or otherwise damaged. I recommend Priority Mail or EMS (Expedited Mail Service) for reliable and fast delivery.

Nigeria: With only a limited experience (one package sent, one package lost) we'll group Nigeria in this list. I recommend Priority Mail or EMS (Expedited Mail Service) for reliable and fast delivery.

India: The Indian Customs Bureau is completely corrupt. They will screw you every time. You can expect high tariffs, taxes, or duties, no matter what amount is listed for as the value of any parcel. We can ship directly via the mail, but expect a battle at Customs.

If you wish to use a courier for your delivery, please contact me before placing your order so that I can quote the proper amount for the courier of your choice.

Please note that officially, our $16.80 flat rate can apply to Indonesia, Nigeria, and India, but we cannot offer any insurance or guarantee of safe delivery for that amount. Let's be realistic: The problem is, Air Mail is simply not a safe and reasonable delivery method in these cases. But at least we are willing to do our best to serve you.

Anyone with plans for themselves, family, or friends to travel through San Diego, California: We've had a fair number of customer pick up their artwork orders to hand-carry their Asian art back. We are happy to accommodate such arrangements.

Additional Issues

We've been hit hard with more than $40,000 worth of fraud from India and Nigeria. We will not under any circumstances take a credit card order from these countries. You must select the "Money Order" payment option when you check out, and email me for our bank information to perform a wire transfer.

There are no exceptions - we were nearly put out of business, and are still recovering from the fraudulent purchases made by:

If anyone by the name Gautam Anand or Gautam Kumar Anand tries to do business with you, please note that he is a thief, a liar, and will do whatever he can to rip you off and starve your family while smiling and acting like your best friend.
If you've been defrauded by Gautam, please know that we did help Indian authorities - which led to him spending approximately 5 days in jail.