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Crazy Blue/Gold

Artwork Mounting Format


If in doubt, choose a vertical wall scroll.


If you choose a portrait format, you will need to frame this artwork after it arrives at your home. That can be expensive!


A single color is simple, elegant, & economical.

Silk Brocade Color


Turn your artwork into a visually-stunning two-toned masterpiece!

Pick a color here that contrasts nicely with your main color and expresses your personal style.

Two-Tone / Inner-Silk Color +$7

More info about individual silks

Please note that all computer monitors display colors differently. In real life, the white is pure white, and the ivory has a warm yellow hue - some would call this "antique white". Please note that the medium green can vary widely in color!

The shade and pattern of these materials varies from time to time as we receive new batches from the loom/mill.

Accent Lines

Sample of accent lines

Top Lines:

Bottom Lines:

This is just a little accent of keylines that can be added to the top and bottom silk panels.
The charge of $1 for each is mostly to cover the extra labor of this option.

Gold Strips +$6

Sample of Fancy Gold Strips

This adds strips of fancy gold ribbon above and below the characters on the xuan paper.

Special Instructions

Enter your special notes/instructions here:

Delivery Schedule

Dec 8th 2023

I suggest you skip the rush service right now. I cannot offer a guarantee other than a promise that we will make every effort to deliver your order ASAP.

It's December 2023, and I can't believe it, but we are still overcoming a lot of COVID-19 issues. Right now, the main problem is the lack of passenger aircraft flying out of Beijing. Mail usually travels in the bellies of those aircraft. Less aircraft = backed up mail service.
Please allow for a delay of about three weeks past the timeframes shown above.

If Rush Service is late, get up to 3 times your rush fee back:
If I deliver late, just let me know and you'll get triple your rush fees back ($30) in a gift certificate (or double if you want a direct refund instead).

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Things are flowing now, but the shortage of aircraft flying out of Beijing is making mail service take at least 3x as long as normal.
We're building all orders as quickly as possible, but please allow for a delay of about three weeks past the normal timeframe shown on this page.