Why I am sometimes embarrassed to be an American

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Why I am sometimes embarrassed to be an American

Post by Gary » Jan 4, 2008 2:52 am

A customer recently emailed me to tell me that I was "anti-American".

At first, I expected that she thought some of my comments about the trouble that U.S. Homeland Security has caused my business, family, and staff shed a negative light on the USA.

As I read further, she went on to say that my willingness to sell artwork to "foreigners" was un-American. She was appalled that I would sell artwork to "that Middle-Eastern country of United Kingdom". This was because of "all the Muslim terrorists there". She also mentioned France.

I will give her some liberty, and try to imagine that she meant "United Arab Emirates", which is a place where we have about 3 customers. Although, I don't think she knows that UAE is one of our allies (actually Halliburton's greatest ally, who gave them a place to relocate their headquarters to avoid all the American taxes on the money they get from the U.S. Government).

I was going to email her back, but she was unable to properly type her email address (no surprise) so I couldn't send a reply. But I had to vent somewhere...

I am pretty sure this lady was interviewed in this video about Americans that aired in the place she would call, "The Middle-Eastern Muslim Terrorist country of the United Kingdom":

I once used the word "expatriate" on this website to describe myself while living in Asia.

Apparently, this means "anti-patriot" to at least one American who wrote to tell me that I was a scumbag.

Please click on the word expatriate if you do not own a dictionary. Please do this before you write to me.

For the record:
  • I was a decorated U.S. Marine Sergeant in the Infantry, and Reconnaissance, spending time on active duty and in the active reserves for a period of almost 11 years.
  • In the early 1990's, I was a Sunday School teacher at a Baptist Church.
  • I served 7 years in the all-volunteer San Diego Sheriff's Search and Rescue Bureau (searching for lost hikers, saving the life of a 4-year-old boy, recovering body parts from helicopter crashes, locating and recovering bodies from wilderness suicides).
  • I even helped to train a U.S. Athlete just prior to the Olympic games in Athens. By the way, that athlete brought home a bronze medal for the USA.
  • I've taken on a great personal risk, to bring underground Capitalism to North Korea and of course, open Capitalism to artists in China (if you are having trouble following, Capitalism is very anti-Communism - in the USA, we believe Capitalism = good, Communism = bad).
  • Even while living in China, I observed U.S. Tax Law, and have paid Federal Income Tax on all of my personal and family proceeds from this business every year (Disclaimer: For the 2007 tax year, I think we'll be declaring a loss for the first time, thanks to a customer in India that defrauded us out of $30,000).
If these six facts don't make me a "good American" or lest I say "patriot", then I must be an un-American bastard.

A final comment for Americans (just my observations)...
  • I've met many Muslims in my life, they all seemed nice, and peace-loving. It is true that some Muslims have bombed things such as embassies.
  • I've met many Christians in my life, they mostly seemed nice, and peace-loving, though often hypocritical, and sometimes hateful (toward gays). It is true that some Christians have bombed things such as Abortion Clinics and each other (see: Protestants and Catholics bombing each other in Northern Ireland).
  • I've met many Buddhists in my life, they all seemed nice, and peace-loving. Buddhists don't bomb or hate anyone.
  • I've met a few Taoists (Daoists) in my life, they all seemed nice, and peace-loving. Taoists don't bomb anything, and have really cool hairdos.
I can only conclude that most terrorists in the world are either Christian or Muslim.

...And now you have something valid to tell me off about.


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Painful to watch YouTube video!

Post by BeautyAllAroundMe » May 12, 2008 7:34 am


I was born in Peru, lived in Venezuela and emigrated to Canada at 19 years of age. It is my personal quest to learn about the world and political events. Eventually, all of the goings on around the world will affect us one way or the other. In the end, all I ever seek to achieve is understanding of what has gone before so I can almost see what it coming next. This isn't always linear or clear cut.

The trouble with most people who have not left their hometown is that they have not become citizens of the world. Which means to care what happens to all humans, regardless of who they are.

It's sad to read about how people have the gall to put you down, only to preach their own kind of hatred basing their argument on ignorant beliefs.

Can't they see you for who you truly are? You are not alone. I have witnessed my son's first grade teacher, one of the sweetest and most professional women in the school, be reduced to tears due to the demands for NO HOMEWORK from an irate parent. In my view the homework of half page, double spaced, they gave was hardly adequate.

To see so many people get so many crucial questions wrong was appalling...not even realizing how ridiculous they look. This was just about as hard to watch as that TV show, Who's Smarter than a 5th Grader? Contestants afraid to pick the 1st grade questions.

Today I woke up to news of the earthquake in Sichuan Province...I immediately though ot Chen Zheng-Long. I hope he and his family are okay. I am sure you must have gotten on the phone right away to get news of your friends and associates there.

My thoughts and prayers are with them and with you at this time of uncertainty.

Lourdes B
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Post by wilv » May 18, 2008 12:27 pm

Gary, I absolutely love your post. I think for a country that is supposed to value freedom of speech and liberty in general we as a country often seem to react negatively when freedom of speech is used to say things we don't agree with and liberty used to do things that the status quo disapproves of. Ignorance and fear are dangerous things and when combined can be deadly.
As Darwyn Cooke said "An ideology requires the judgement and courage to avoid blind allegiance to an administration"

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Un American

Post by rcarpenter » Aug 18, 2009 7:00 am

Gary Gary Gary....don't let the sayings of one person smear the thoughts of many. It's not where you live its how you live. I too am a former Marine and have lived on the east coast, west coast, Europe and "Asia" (I know how you love that word). Many people and cultures are very different, but two things are constant-laughter and tears. Keep up the good, no great, work.