So you want to know who the artist of your painting is?

We don't do appraisals, but there are some recommendations here.
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So you want to know who the artist of your painting is?

Post by Gary » Jun 13, 2009 8:17 pm

Before you ask, consider this:

There are almost 1,300,000,000 people in China. By my best guess, over 100,000 Chinese people are professional artists (those that create artwork for a living). I've personally met at least 3000 artists, and purchased artwork from almost 300.

To determine some meaningful information about the artist of a certain painting, it takes a collection of books that cover a "Who's Who" of artists in China:

Each page of these books contains two artists. Here is a sample of some Chinese calligraphy artists:

It can take a few full days of work, searching through these books to find the right artist that matches your artwork.

Some have commented in the past that I should be willing to offer artist information about their paintings for free. I hope this helps to create some understanding as to why that is not possible.