What does this tattoo mean?

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What does this tattoo mean?

Post by robzombie » May 12, 2009 12:51 am

I want to know what this tattoo means:
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Post by Gary » May 12, 2009 1:17 am

I hope you are joking, but I have seen too many of these that are real. This will be bad news if this tattoo is yours.

The first character means "cheap", "inexpensive", "lowly" and in some cases means "worthless" in Chinese. It means "despised", "low-life", or "in poverty" in Japanese.

The second character means "female" or "woman" in both Chinese or Japanese.

The problem is that when you combine these two characters, the first character modifies how the second character is perceived. So while the literal translation would be "lowly woman" or "worthless woman", the way it will be read would be more like "cheap whore".

Sorry to give you such bad news - I am glad I don't have to tell you this face-to-face.

Do take whatever means necessary to hide this whenever you go to a Japanese or Chinese restaurant. The waiters and waitresses will be snickering about your tattoo.

Note: This is not a common term in either language. It does make more sense in Chinese than Japanese, as there is a similar term about reprobation (rejection by God or society) of a woman.