Need an Appraiser? Wylie Wang Asian Art & Antiquities

We don't do appraisals, but there are some recommendations here.
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Need an Appraiser? Wylie Wang Asian Art & Antiquities

Post by Gary » Nov 24, 2008 3:27 pm

Wylie Wong Asian Art & Antiquities
29 Scott St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

(415) 626-1014


You can meet with the director, Wylie Wong by appointment. Appraisals are things that must be done in person (a digital image on the internet will not suffice).

Wylie Wong specializes in 16th - to 20th-century contemporary paintings and calligraphy, scrolls, fans and album leaves.

When I last contacted Wylie Wong, verbal appraisals were $175 and written appraisals were $350 per item.

If you want a real appraisal of your antique Asian art, this is the place you need to go. Much like when you pay a doctor for his expertise, you must pay an appraiser for his specialized expertise and knowledge.

We are an Southeast Asian (Oriental) art gallery, specializing in newly-painted art by current Chinese, Japanese, and North Korean artists. We do not have much expertise in antique Asian paintings. Please don't ask us for information that is outside of that expertise - it just makes me feel bad when I can't give you proper answers.