Sacred Ground

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Sacred Ground

Post by janedonlewis » Apr 25, 2013 5:52 pm

What would be the cost and time frames of delivery for a custom scroll? Japanese, "Sacred Ground", approx. 20X 50" or greater?



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Re: Sacred Ground

Post by Gary » Apr 25, 2013 9:13 pm

Which one of these titles for Sacred Ground do you want?
浄域 (sacred ground)
浄界 (sacred ground; the Pure Land)
聖地 (sometimes refers to Israel or Jerusalem "Holy Land")
聖域 (sacred precincts; sanctuary; consecrated ground)
霊場 (sacred ground)
霊地 (sacred ground / sacred earth)
霊域 (sacred ground)

If you want authentic Japanese calligraphy, that takes 6-7 weeks for standard service, or 4-5 weeks for rush service ($10 extra). Two characters on a wall scroll by the Japanese master calligrapher start at the very low price of around $80. That would cost you $220 or more in a Tokyo studio.

I also have an economy Chinese calligrapher who can do this for about half that price. Same quality of wall scroll, but not authentic Japanese calligraphy, and not of the same art quality.