Track my order

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Track my order

Post by mien » Jul 27, 2009 3:20 am

my order 10862 and trcking LJ310395221US.
I have tried follow tracking code with my finland postoffice( but have not any data info. Could you please asking your postoffice(usps?) for my parcel's situation?
We have moved the new housing and really need a new paints to wall....

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Post by Gary » Jul 28, 2009 8:57 am

Because this was sent via the cheapest method (First Class International - previously known as Air Parcel Post or Air Mail), there is not a lot of tracking information collected. They rarely scan anything before the package reaches the final destination post office.

It generally takes 15 - 18 days to Finland by this method of shipment. The 18th day would be July 31st, so nothing is late yet. In fact, the postal services do not consider it late until 30 days after shipment - but it's very rare for something to take that long. I expect yours will arrive in the next 4 days.

If you want better tracking, insurance, and faster delivery, please consider using Priority Mail International next time. We actually subsidize this service because it is so trouble-free (it often costs us $30+ for an order of your size, but we charge just $18.80 at present).