Korean Hangul Wall Scrolls

If you have searched my Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy Dictionary, and did not find the word or title that you were looking for, we'll be happy to add it for you. Just tell us the word or title you want, and what it means to you.
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Korean Hangul Wall Scrolls

Post by Customer » Sep 12, 2013 12:41 pm


I'm very interested in ordering a scroll from your site. Do you offer any of the scrolls on Korean Hangul script? Or just in Hanja?

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Re: Korean Hangul Wall Scrolls

Post by Gary » Sep 12, 2013 12:43 pm

I wrestled with this for a while. I hunted down Korean calligraphers (though, oddly, most of them wanted to write in Hanja as well). But the demand was so low that I lost money on the effort.

However, a few years back, my Chinese master calligrapher in Beijing mentioned that he can write Hangul. So, that gave me a compromise where I can offer Hangul and not lose money when doing so.

Here's the secret Hangul ordering method: If you find a title you like, and it's valid in Korean, you'll see Hangul characters in the pronunciation guide. Just click on those characters instead of the "Select and Customize" button.

You can either search for a title you want here:

Or I have a title listing on all the ones that are valid in Korean here:

I spent over $1000 having a Korean translator go through my whole database, and indicate which ones made sense in Korean and add the Hangul. But, because I've added a lot more Chinese proverbs since then, and the close relationship between Chinese and Korean in ancient times, there's probably some that would be valid in Korean but aren't listed with Hangul. If you see anything you want that's in that situation, just let me know.

If the phrase or title you want is not in the database, just give me the characters. Preferably, I need them in Hanja (you can order in Hangul of course). My system automatically converts from Hanja to Hangul, but for obvious reasons in the mechanics of the Korean language, can't go the other way.

Also, I'm not sure your level of Korean knowledge, but try to avoid ordering 1 or 2 Hangul words. These are often too ambiguous.
For instance, the Hangul for "love" (애) could also mean:
1. child, kid
2. pains, trouble, effort; worry, anxiety
3. sadness; pity; sympathize with; wail; "alas!"
4. burp, belch
5. shore, bank; border, edge, limit
6. the surname "Ae"