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Kajukenbo is an American mixed martial art founded in 1947 by Sijo Adriano Emperado in Hawaii. Kajukenbo is an acronym comprised of: "ka" ("long life"), "ju" ("happiness"), "ken" ("fist"), "bo" ("style") or "ka" ("karate"), "ju" ("judo"/"jujutsu"), "ken" ("kenpo"), "bo" (Boxing and/or Chinese Boxing Kung Fu), leading to the art's philosophical meaning: our seal contains the characters "拳法 功夫 Through this fist style, one gains long life and happiness."

I would like to present a scroll for black belt promotions and I would appreciate if you can add a Kajukenbo to your martial arts gallery with the following characters: 拳法 功夫


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Re: Kajukenbo

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Have you talked over some of your background information with a native Japanese translator?

One of the glaring issues I see is that 空 (the first Kanji of Karate, meaning empty or void) is pronounced "Kara" when paired with 手 (hand / te) or any of several other combinations. It can also be pronounced "sora", "kuu", "muna" (for female name "Munako"), "Isao" (given name), etc. I can't find any "kun" or "on" readings of this 空 Kanji where it's read simply as "ka". This is a pronounciation that you can't break apart.

Back to your desired title...

The official Romaji would be:
Kenpou Kunfuu or Kenpō Kunfū
Most people drop the diacritics and so, you end up with Kenpo Kunfu

拳 Ken | Fist
法 Po | Dharma / The Law
功 Kun | Gong
夫 Fu | Fu

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