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Question about King calligraphy

Posted: Nov 5, 2007 8:26 am
by oldemail
I have two questions for you:

1. I'd like a custom scroll that uses the character for "King," since
that is my last name. Are you aware of any sayings that use King
(hopefully not something like "kill the King").

2. Can your calligraphers write in Korean han'gul? I'm also interested
in getting a han'gul scroll, and am having trouble locating any in the



Posted: Nov 5, 2007 8:29 am
by Gary
King is pretty simple (just one character). It is Romanized as "Wang" but the correct pronunciation is more like you might say "Wong". We English types have been saying "Wang" incorrectly for a few generations now.

Lots of phrases include "King" - some are complimentary, and some are not.
Confucius once said that he sees kings performing rituals that only an emperor has the rights to. Note: In Chinese culture and language, a king comes to power by fate, but an emperor is ordained by Heaven/God. At least that is the simplistic definition (there are some gray areas as to who was a king and who was an emperor in Chinese history). There were even times when the area now known as China had a dozen or more kingdoms simultaneously.

You can find the entry for king here:

My Korean Hangul calligraphers keep disappearing. I've lost two in 2006, and have not found a new one yet. Maybe I should find one who isn't North Korean (and therefore subject to unexpectedly disappearing or dying). However, I've had trouble finding a South Korean calligrapher who writes in Hangul (a few that I have met only write in Korean Hanja - aka Chinese characters). Plus, with the price they charge, such scrolls would be $200 each. There is a huge cost of living difference between China and South Korea (things in South Korea tend to cost 8 times more).