Chop Carving Video

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Chop Carving Video

Post by Gary » Sep 4, 2011 10:22 am

I finally finished editing and translating this video. It features an interview with master chop carver (and Chinese master calligrapher) Xing An-Ping. In the video, he carves a traditional Chinese stone chop/stamp, and explains his craft.

You may want to watch this on the YouTube website, so you can turn on the "interactive transcription" to see the translation.

You also can click the "CC" button to see the subtitles, but the conversation is so fast, that it might be hard to read that way. We even dropped all the "I see" and "uh huh" speech out of it, and simplified the translation, but you still need to be a speed reader.

This interview was done by WTHR (The NBC Affiliate in Indianapolis) during the run up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This chop carving footage was never used on the air. There's a few shots missing, such as a close up of the finished red stamp on the paper.

The nice guys as WTHR gave me the raw footage and I edited it (a big task for a guy who hasn't edited a film since I stopped using a Super-8 movie camera at age 12).

I hope you enjoy it, and gain some insight into chop carving.

Also, don't settle for a machine-made chop. It's just not the same.

About 5 years ago, Xing An-Ping carved a set of chops for me. I use them to sign letters and personal notes. I even use the image of that seal as my avatar image on this forum.

Those chops will always remain the most sentimental and personally-valued item on my desk. I hope if you have Xing An-Ping carve a chop for you, that you'll feel the same as I do.