Asian Artwork

The art you like is sold out? Ask here if we have more or can get more.
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Asian Artwork

Post by JanCarter16 » Mar 20, 2014 3:54 am

I have had a good look through the artwork & particularly like the works of Mr Ou-Yang. His paintings of Aqua Dreams Beautiful Flowers, Birds & Pumpkin Vines & Beautiful Blue Lotus Birds & Lillies are just what I am looking for. However all these have been sold but I would be interested if they came up for sale again. The size I am looking for is 30" across x 22" down to go above my fireplace if this can be done.

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Re: Asian Artwork

Post by Gary » Mar 23, 2014 6:13 pm

I can ask him to paint more like this for you. However, the schedule is far-from-fast. I think the fastest speed is about 2 months, but it could be 3 or more if anything goes sideways, or we get slammed with domestic art mounting jobs at the workshop. A month of that time is just the SAL (Surface AirLift) mail transport from China to the USA.

If you think you can handle that, let me know, and I will get the project started.

Please also note that I may be able to get close to the dimensions you want, but because it's not a standard size in China (standard xuan paper size), it could be off by an inch or two. He'd much rather do pieces 26.75" x 26.75" square. You can get two such sheets from one sheet of the standard 136cm x 68cm (53.5" x 26.85") xuan paper.

Your request would require that a whole sheet of 136cm x 68cm xuan paper be used up for each painting. So that makes them more expensive, and wasting handmade xuan paper drives some artists crazy.



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