Cost per custom scroll

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Cost per custom scroll

Post by gigglepotz » Dec 16, 2013 9:22 am

I am an artist and I work with sized xuan paper and ink.
Can you tell me what the process is to have my artwork mounted on the scrolls you offer?
Approximate size of scroll would be: 20″ X 66″
I look forward to learning more about the process, cost and scroll options.
Thanks so much.

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Re: Cost per custom scroll

Post by Gary » Dec 18, 2013 12:02 pm

As for the process, I recently created a rather ameteur video about how we make wall scrolls. I took a 3-to-4-hour process into a 27-minute video:

For artwork with a paper width up to 33cm (13") it's $32.88 for the mounting, plus $9.80 for return shipping from Beijing. In this scheme, you have to get the artwork to Beijing via your choice of air mail etc. So expect another $10+ in postage to Beijing.

Your paper size with a width of 51cm (20"), technically, that should just slip into the "jumbo size", but we can fudged that down to 50cm or just make it pass as a "large size" which is $17 extra (so you'd be at $32.88 + $17 + $9.80 = $59.68). The jumbo size is between > 50cm but <= 68cm.

Keep in mind there are some options you may choose (such as two-toned silk, or special silks and accent lines) that will increase the price.

You've probably priced this service elsewhere, and found it's often $200 per wall scroll. I do mounting for artists at zero profit. I don't know why, but that's what I do. The quality is the same or better at my workshop, just without the greedy pricing.

When you're ready to start just post an image (as square and straight as you can make it) here on the forum. I'll guide you from there.