Customer Scroll for Soulmate

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Customer Scroll for Soulmate

Post by Katt » Oct 30, 2013 9:28 pm

I am wanting to get a few scrolls, all the same silk color etc however I have a soulmate symbol that I have attached that I would also like.

Are you able to so this?
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Re: Customer Scroll for Soulmate

Post by Gary » Nov 1, 2013 10:42 am

OK, this is complicated.

The character you presented does not exist. What I mean by that is, it's not a real character (Japanese Kanji). Somebody made it up.

Apparently, it is supposed to be the characters 魂の友 all put together, but the の is dropped.

If your computer cannot render Asian text, here it is in images:
魂 Soul / Spirit / Ghost / Immortal Soul / The Mind / Conscious Mind / Sanskrit: Vijñāna
の (Japanese Hiragana possessive article)
友 Friend / Friendship

For reference, sometimes the first Kanji is mixed up with this one, which has basically the same meaning and pronunciation in Japanese:

If you want to order the soul-mates title this is based on, you can find it as the 5th entry on this page:
I just added it for you a few moments ago, so that's why you did not find it before.

If you really want it, you can place the order for this calligraphy title, and write some special instructions (there's a tab for that on the options page after you select your calligrapher) asking for it to be combined into one character. Please select Michiko Imai as your calligrapher, as she is the only authentic Japanese master calligrapher I know of who can combine characters this way.

Please note that I showed the image you presented to some Japanese friends, and they did not recognize it (since it's "not real"). They presumed it was an original Chinese character that is not used in Japanese. But that is the perspective of Japanese people not familiar with Chinese - it's not Chinese either, it's made up. If your audience for this calligraphy is Japanese, the combined or made-up character will take some explaining.

I hope that gives you the information you need to make an informed decision.