Aikido Kokikai

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Aikido Kokikai

Post by alohapussycat » Apr 22, 2013 10:31 am

inquiring as to the cost of a custom scroll in the range of (small side) 8-12 inches, with the long side being as long as required for the kanji, with the scroll reading Aikido Kokikai. the kanji used by our school can be found on their webpage


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Re: Aikido Kokikai

Post by Gary » Apr 23, 2013 4:53 pm

氣 Life Energy / Spiritual Energy
道 Daoism / Taoism
光 Light
氣 Life Energy / Spiritual Energy

You can order this here: ... 7683+20250
I strongly suggest the Japanese master calligrapher. But if you don't have $105.88 to spend (with free shipping), you can choose the economy calligrapher for $55.88 plus $9.80 shipping (free shipping on orders over $88 right now).

Sounds like you want the small size, so that will reduce your price a little. Select that after you pick your calligrapher (see the size tab on the options page).