Why not Print photographs on canvas?

If you have some personal Asian artwork that you would like to sell, feel free to post it here, with images etc.
The story always starts: "My father/grandfather bought this in Japan/Korea just after the war..."
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Why not Print photographs on canvas?

Post by Frederica56 » Sep 18, 2012 1:34 am

Why not Print photographs on canvas?

Printing photographs onto canvas is a process that transforms ordinary photos into wonderful works of art. In the digital age of printing, printing photographs onto canvas is the ideal choice for professional photographers, artists and individuals who wish to print photos in large sizes, and obtain crisp and detailed prints.

Capture the favorite moments in your life on canvas! These prints are very attractive when used as stunning pieces of wall art. In the future, you can look back at your happiest moments with a pleasant smile. Want to give a meaningful and long lasting gift to your friends or family? Canvas photo printsare popular and well appreciated gifts for every occasion.
Print photos on canvasare also excellent decorative items, especially on festive occasions. Moreover, these are ideal advertising tools for businesses.

Printing service providers will accept your photos in a variety of file formats, which you can upload to their website. Slides and negatives of photos are also accepted for printing. Any photo taken using a regular or a digital camera will look great when prints on canvas. Every detail on the photo will be enlarged.

Canvas material has the ability to give your photos a beautiful texture, very strong colors and a natural look. Due to its great advantages, service providers make use of top grade materials in various sizes and shapes. To get the best quality prints in vibrant colors, they use UV resistant inks. Talented printmakers know to turn the photo into canvas art by utilizing the latest digital technology. While printing, they use software packages to touch up the images, if required. The printed canvas can be stretched over a wooden or metallic frame to give long lasting life to the prints. A special coat is applied over the canvas to protect the prints from UV rays, water and scratches.

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Re: Why not Print photographs on canvas?

Post by jakieman » Jul 7, 2013 2:36 pm

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