Modern Artwork, Canvas Photo Prints Add Modern Life To Your

If you have some personal Asian artwork that you would like to sell, feel free to post it here, with images etc.
The story always starts: "My father/grandfather bought this in Japan/Korea just after the war..."
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Modern Artwork, Canvas Photo Prints Add Modern Life To Your

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Modern Artwork, Canvas Photo Prints Add Modern Life To Your Walls

Wallpaper is so passé! Painting your walls is now a much more acceptable and fashionable way of making your home warm and welcoming. But blank painted walls only go half way.
You have to put something on those blank walls.
Small lamps, framed photos and other decorations are nice, but you need a gaudy amount to cover an adequate portion of the wall. Even a medium-size wall will "swallow" a handful of smaller decorations.

Never fear, there is a solution. Canvas wall art is a fantastic way to use a minimal amount of decorations to add a maximum amount of color, warmth and excitement to your walls.

For many people canvas wall art may carry a corny or outdated connotation conjuring up images of 1980s pop culture. But modern canvas wall art has evolved considerably, and vendors now offer a wide range of canvas art prints, photos on canvas, Banksy prints and acrylic-mounted art.

So what's the difference, what type of wall art fits you best? Let's examine.

canvas art prints

Canvas art prints can range from contemporary art to classical art and comes in a variety of sizes, from large to really, really large.

A nice, custom-ordered canvas print with contemporary art that will create a gentle and warm background image is ideal for most homes. At the other end of the spectrum, you could order a large contemporary art print that really "pops," that will serve as an automatic conversation starter. And everything else in between.

Photos on Canvas

What if you really do want those family photos or special pictures of your loved ones on your walls, but they are just too small to work without plastering your wall with too many photos?

Again, canvas art prints to the rescue.

Most canvas wall art vendors will now take your photos, blow them up and print them to large canvas boards. Now you can share those special moments and display your loved ones like never before. And best of all, you can choose only the very best photos and still have enough to adequately decorate your walls.

In addition to your own family photos, you can also order large canvas pictures of famous movie scenes or celebrities.

Banksy Prints

Banksy art has become increasingly popular thanks to its pseudo-anonymous British-born originator who made a name for himself painting graffiti that appears to come to life, so to speak.

A lot of artists have copied Banksy's work and techniques, and now you too can have some of that unique Banksy artwork on your walls thanks to canvas wall art.

Acrylic Art

The best alternative to canvas wall art is to frame your art in an acrylic wall mount.

Many of the same vendors that will create stunning canvas wall art will also take your photos or artwork, print it to high-grade vinyl and seal it in a strong clear acrylic sheet.

Benefits of acrylic art over canvas prints include the ability to easily clean the acrylic mount by simply wiping it down. Same big addition of color and warmth, much easier clean-up. A no-brainer for anyone with kids or for public venues like bars and restaurants.