Selling for "Fan Ping’s 3000 New Paintings For Court

If you have some personal Asian artwork that you would like to sell, feel free to post it here, with images etc.
The story always starts: "My father/grandfather bought this in Japan/Korea just after the war..."
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Selling for "Fan Ping’s 3000 New Paintings For Court

Post by cosmy » Dec 2, 2011 7:47 pm

Hi ,We sell "Fan Ping’s 3000 New Paintings For Court Ladies

Of Tang Dynasty In China", which is highly appraised with

fine arts values by social all walks. It is Uniques in

China!!! We have published the selcted version about these

pictures in Hongkong New Human Being Publishing House . Fan

Ping is famous modern painter in our time, she sells the

original all pictures about them. He who are interesting to

buy them , please cantact for more informations and portraits

copies in JPG format. Thanks your favour! Mr. Cosmy

The email : mobile. 0086-18213011875

contact who can speak English: Mr. Cosmy