Help calligraphy wall scroll Artist Name ???

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Help calligraphy wall scroll Artist Name ???

Post by chris1 » Oct 16, 2016 9:08 am

Good day.

I have an old japanese calligraphy.

Can you tell me how old it is ?
and what does the stamp mean?

What is the name of artist, painter?

I hope they can help.
See photos on email.

thank you



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Re: Help calligraphy wall scroll Artist Name ???

Post by Gary » Oct 18, 2016 5:52 pm

First, this is Chinese, not Japanese.

Here's the big caveat regarding artist information: ... php?t=2407

For telling you more about the value, you need an expert:

For $10, I will translate and give you more information about your artwork (but not a value). I am sorry to say that if I don't charge something for the expertise, I get swamped with requests for free information, and can't get anything else done. Here's that link: ... rod=x-eval

I have already figured out that your artwork was written in 1989 in Cologne, Germany. So that's your little free teaser of info.

This artwork needs a lot of repair. Therefore, I hesitate to offer mounting it to a wall scroll. But we could probably make it presentable for about $50.

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