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Shipping Instructions for Custom Artwork Mounting

Posted: Mar 8, 2011 11:51 am
by Gary
These instructions suppose that you have placed an order for building wall scrolls or portraits out of your raw unmounted artwork.

1. Enclose all the artwork in a mailing tube or box along with a note card that only contains your order number.

Try to refrain from putting other notes in the box (None of my current staff in China can read English, and a note could delay things while they find a fax machine, and send it to me in the USA and wait for a phone call back to find out what it says - yes, that happened once, and caused a lot of delay and confusion).

The reason you sent images and placed the order the way you did is because we're going to visually track your order through the process. We don't want to write any ID numbers or anything on your artwork, not even in pencil.

2. Once you have placed your order, ship your artwork to this address:

Li Hongliang
Tongzhou District
Liyuanzhen Cuipingbeili #18-111
Beijing 101121

Phone: 135-0122-3840

Please either mark it as "gift" or "documents" with "China" as the country of origin and "Chinese calligraphy" or "Hand-painted Chinese artwork" as the contents. This will avoid delays and keep the Chinese Customs Bureau from spending time trying to figure out whether duties or taxes are due.

You can also put "HS 97.01.10" or "970110" as the Harmonized Code if you see such a box on the customs form. This is the code for hand-painted artwork.

If you have the means to print out the address in Chinese, here it is:

北京 101121

Putting that Chinese text on the face of the box may speed up delivery of your package to our workshop.

It's never happened, but here's our insurance disclaimer...

Posted: Jun 14, 2011 12:00 pm
by Gary
Updated/Edited 18 Mar 2016

Please note that postage and postal insurance is your responsibility in route to China.

We will personally insure your artwork for $30 per piece plus the cost of mounting on the return trip.

Example: You spend $32.88 for mounting, and $9.80 for shipping. Your mounted artwork is lost in the mail on the way back to the USA. You get a full refund of $32.88 plus $9.80 from us. Then we mail you a check for $30.
International customers will have to settle for a store credit of $30 since it's very difficult to provide an international bank check.

No package has ever been lost, and we've been offering custom mounting for nearly 14 years. But we need a policy just in case.

The worst thing that's ever happened was a package to China delayed by around 3 months when the label came off in the mail. That happened just once in hundreds of custom mounting jobs.

If you want more than $30 insurance per piece, please contact me to negotiate a rate for us to insure for a higher amount before you ship your artwork.


Re: Shipping Instructions for Custom Artwork Mounting

Posted: Nov 12, 2014 6:56 pm
by Gary
I guess it was bound to happen. A package has gone missing enroute to China. It was a non-tracked air mail parcel from the Netherlands to Beijing.

Please use a mail service that offers a tracking number or at least a customs item number. If mailing from the USA, I like Priority Mail or Express. From other countries, I suggest registered air mail, or EMS.

If you are worried, pay for insurance (also known as using "registered" mail). Even if you insure for a low amount, it may be worth it. I have talked to friends at China Post, and anything with a value of over $20 is put under lock and key until delivered.


Re: Shipping Instructions for Custom Artwork Mounting

Posted: Jun 16, 2016 1:52 pm
by Gary
Please use a trackable delivery service. If you are trying to save money and are going to use air mail, please use registered air mail, or buy the insurance so there is a way to track it. All registered mail has a registered mail item number. We can put a trace on this at China Post. But if you send artwork as if it was a letter, there is no way to track it or find it.

Two customers recently sent their artwork via air mail from the USA and Germany. Neither package arrived at the destination, and there was no insurance or registered mail item number. We are left digging in the "dead letter room" at the local post office trying to locate a needle in a haystack.

The safest way to go is EMS (often called Express Mail, Parcel Force, or XpressPost if you are in the USA, UK, or Canada). Yes, it does cost about $50, but it's cheaper than FedEx or UPS, and it always gets there.

As noted in previous posts, we will insure your artwork on the return trip from Beijing. But it's on you for the journey from your home to the workshop in Beijing.

I usually send 5-10 pieces of my own artwork each month to Beijing from San Diego via EMS (never had anything lost). I might be convinced to include your artwork for $10 a piece in my monthly package. That might add up to a month to your delivery time frame, and you still have to mail it to California. So only if you are both cheap and worried (I'm cheap too, but I don't worry because I use EMS).