Looking to purchase large quantity of blank scrolls

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Looking to purchase large quantity of blank scrolls

Post by Isabellesgrandpa » Feb 21, 2011 4:56 pm

I have a partner that will be in Shanghi the end of February. I would like to inquire about a price on blank silk scrolls large and small. Color can be varied . These are to br used for sumi-e painting in classes taught by myself and others in illinois. Would you be able to give me a physical address to pick up the scrolls? If we can agree on a price I wouldlike to have them picked up to go on a continer for shipment with other items. Thank you.

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Post by Gary » Feb 21, 2011 10:30 pm

We're about 500 miles away in Beijing. He might do better to find an artwork mounting shop in Shanghai.

We're also backed up at least one month right now after the Chinese New Years holiday. I probably could not start on a large batch of blank wall scrolls until the end of March.

If I don't have to mess with shipping and export issues, blank scrolls could be about $20 each for medium and small sizes in bulk quantities.

That's for near-museum-quality wall scrolls. You might find some lower-quality ones for $10 or less from another shop - that might be more appropriate for student wall scroll projects.

The better way to do this (and the way it's done in China) is to create the artwork on xuan paper first, and then have it mounted as a wall scroll. This way, if a mistake is made, you only waste a sheet of xuan paper instead of an expensive wall scroll. You can send artwork to our shop, we can mount it to wall scrolls, and ship it back.