calligraphies to mount from Edmonton,AB

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calligraphies to mount from Edmonton,AB

Post by mwallace » Feb 15, 2011 2:55 pm

I am gathering Dr. Aung's calligraphies to send to China for mounting. I hope to send pictures of them by e-mail to you on Feb. 22. I do not know how to make the pictures smaller to fit your formum order. I will send the colors for the silk backs at that time, and the widths. We want the mountings with the wooden rods, please. Also, could you please tell me your address in China so that I can send this order? Thank-you for your kind consideration. Margaret Wallace

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Post by Gary » Feb 15, 2011 5:53 pm

Let's start with the images of the artwork itself and the widths in centimeters of that art.

If you don't have PhotoShop or some other image editing software, try this one:
Under the resize area, select custom size, and then make your image about 600px high at the most (change from percent to pixels). You might want to crop your image first, as all I need is the artwork itself.
PhotoShop is faster, but at least this website is free, though it takes a little time to do the resizing on each image.

Once I have those images and widths, I will set everything up so that you can place your order. Once an order number is generated, I'll give you the full instructions for mailing everything to our workshop in Beijing.