Blank Custom Makimono for menkyo

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Blank Custom Makimono for menkyo

Post by hurricanf6 » Feb 11, 2013 7:35 pm

I purchased a few years ago a hand scroll that was custom made.
Here is my previous request. ... ono#p10361

It was not completely what I was looking for and some the requests I made where not followed that being said the quality was fine. I did notice that you have had a few request form people seeking exactly or close to what I am seeking (attached links below). They have also placed orders. I am interested in looking at trying to place another order for 10 to 20 makimono 18cm x 270cm based around this style. ... cts_id=220 ... cts_id=220

I would love it if you had a picture of one of the scrolls you made for the below requests. If not I can have my instructor take a few pictures of the makimono I got for him in kyoto in 2010 and post them as well. I would really like to find a place to order these as they are so expensive and hard to find anywhere else outside of Japan. Thank you for your time.

-Ben ... hp?t=31185 ... mono#p6362 ... imono#p760

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Re: Blank Custom Makimono for menkyo

Post by Gary » Feb 11, 2013 9:54 pm

These custom requests that are outside of what we typically do are really difficult. Every workshop has it's own signature style or way of doing things. So in a way, this is like going to a Toyota factory and asking them to make you a Ford.

I can probably get to the size you want, but the style, knobs, silk colors, etc will be kind of set in stone. I hope that explains why some substitutions or differences from what you wanted may have occurred with your order. I think those went direct to you, so I didn't even see them (or what variations may have existed).

A picture of exactly what you want is a good start, but don't expect an exact copy. But the price will be good (since I really make no profit on these projects).