scroll remount request

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scroll remount request

Post by fhsheehan » Feb 5, 2011 6:23 pm

I bought a calligraphy scroll in Beijing in 1982. After my grandchildren left in December we noticed that the scroll was damaged. Mounted the scroll is 75 x 12 inches but the calligraphy alone is 52 x 6.5 inches. You can see on the image that the bottom where the wooden dowel attaches and also on the left side. I would like to have the scroll remounted. [/img]

How much will this cost?

photo of scroll
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Post by Gary » Feb 6, 2011 12:17 pm

Let's see...

The wall scroll mounting would be $32.88

However, these needs to be unmounted first, so there is a lot of extra labor involved for that. Add $20

Return shipping from Beijing is $9.80

So you are looking at $62.68 total, plus whatever it costs you to initially mail this to our workshop in Beijing. You can cut the bottom roller and top wooden frame off, and roll this up in a tube, so it should not cost too much. We'll replace the roller and everything.

Let me know if you want to pursue this.