Credit Card Fraud: MANUEL ESQUEDA

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Credit Card Fraud: MANUEL ESQUEDA

Post by Gary » Jun 5, 2013 8:33 am

To other merchants,
Do not take orders from this customer or address:

2654 W LUNT 2A


A person at this address and using the name Manuel Esqueda placed a custom order valued at $120. It was delivered on time.

The day after the goods were delivered, the customer filed a dispute claiming they did not receive the goods (suspicious timing).

Upon providing tracking information showing that delivery was made, the customer changed their dispute, now claiming they did not authorize the purchase (as if the credit card was stolen). The address above matches the billing address of the credit card.

I am making this information public because of the blatant nature of the fraud, and to possibly help other merchants avoid this customer or so we can eventually have enough evidence for criminal prosecution.