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Post by philip » May 27, 2009 10:13 am

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your travel stories. They are wonderful. And give me the urge to explore more and more.
I was visiting this site to learn about how to scroll mount paintings, and really enjoyed your writings and wisdom.
I am just a normal guy from a small town in south Texas. A couple of years ago I met a Chinese lady. I finally flew to China to meet her in person. I spent a couple of days in Shanghai, just to experience it, but she lives in Hangzhou. A very beautiful city with so much culture to experience, and beautiful parks, like West Lake. Two weeks there was not enough.
This past January I went back to Hangzhou to marry her! I spent three weeks there celebrating all the new year festivities and eating so many wonderful foods. I absolutly love every thing there. Your stories make me long to be there.
My wife, Lin, is an artist herself. So she left her senior editor job of over 20 years at the large newspaper, left her city of 10,000,000, and now paints from our country home on 5 acres of land where a neighbor cannot be seen. ha-ha
But we kept her condo there, so I will be back every opportunity I have.
Thanks again for sharing.


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