Followup to template submission

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Followup to template submission

Post by mdpfan » Jan 9, 2014 5:16 pm

Hi Gary.

Wow. What an informative site! Almost too informative -lots of information to digest :)

I wanted to issue a followup to the template submissions I just now made as I saw no box for comments, etc. My submissions were for two single-word items: 'patience' and 'discipline'. These will end up forearm ink -one on each arm. To help fine tune the translation process, I'm thinking of them not only in the context of being perfect reminders of key ingredients to my Mo Duk Pai training, but also in the sense of being applicable to success in any area of life.

I'll be fine whether it ends up as a single character or two characters. But I do want the same count on each arm. So we may need to modify the interpretation/definition to make that happen. Please advise.

Big thanks!

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Re: Followup to template submission

Post by Gary » Jan 10, 2014 12:05 pm

Please see my email that I sent about this. You can let me know here or via email the answers to the questions I asked.

This website has been around for 12 years, so we've had a lot of time to make it "overly-informative" :-)

In case you want to handle it all here, this is the text of that email:

Hello Ian,

I talked to the Chinese translator, and we decided we need more input from you because there are so many version of discipline.
Please take a look at this page, and see which discipline most closely matches your intent:
...or tell me more about what you want this word/tattoo to mean.

Patience has the same issue:
For some, patience is about perseverance, for others it's about peacefully waiting. Some might see patience as remaining calm and at peace in times of turmoil. And still for others, it's about having tolerance for the actions or differences of others (allowing for people to do things in different ways than you see as normal for you).

Let me your thoughts, and we'll work on this more for you.


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Re: Followup to template submission

Post by mdpfan » Jan 10, 2014 8:01 pm

Hi Gary...

Tnx for the reply. After focusing in on the right pages and some thoughtful contemplation, I feel that the characters for 'ren nai' and 'xun lian' will work nicely. Let's give those a go!