Characters in circle Japnese or Chinese and what dose it say

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Characters in circle Japnese or Chinese and what dose it say

Post by Donvictor » Feb 28, 2014 7:48 am

I got this bowl awhile back , I been trying to find out what it say, There are two Characters on it, one you can see it in the Blue circle, the other one is next to it press in to the porcelain no color, it look like Ko-Kautani mark, there is also a blue circle at bottom, aslo what look like red color also at bottom. If you can help me, thank you. I know it hard to read because of the hole ? the hole look a little yellow, can you tell any thing about that to? Thank for your time every one .
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you can see the red,I was am talking about. Not the red circle in pen. The red in the porcelain....
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what ever help you can give ?
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Re: Characters in circle Japnese or Chinese and what dose it

Post by Gary » Feb 28, 2014 10:53 am

I looked at this with an expert (hoping for an obvious or easy answer). It's a tough one. Figuring out seal script like this is almost like figuring out Egyptian hieroglyphics. I have the huge dictionary sets needed, which cover over 21,000 characters in about 10 variants each. Going through to compare 210,000+ character variants to yours takes hours. It's usually not worth it (even at just $20 per hour for a translator to work on it).

Yours is harder with that hold in the bowl.

If you think it's worth something, you could find an appraiser, but that's usually $175 or so for a verbal appraisal, and $300+ for a written appraisal. I'm not an appraiser, and there are just a few around that specialize in this kind of thing.

I would just enjoy and leave it at that.