Is this phrase valid?

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Is this phrase valid?

Post by StevenList » Jun 7, 2012 8:47 am

I want to combine the term "teikan" or "taikan" with the suffix "-do" to create "the way of clear vision". Is that reasonable/valid? If so, I'd like to get the kanji done for it, to use as my mark on the web and in print.

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Re: Is this phrase valid?

Post by Gary » Jun 10, 2012 1:52 pm

People get stuck on Japanese Romaji (romanized Japanese) and think there's just one meaning.

定款 = articles of incorporation, company statute
帝冠 = imperial crown
貞幹 = Japanese given name Teikan, also a Chinese Buddhist term, "To be steady and correct".
諦觀 = Buddhist term, "To observe all in minute detail".

For taikan, there's:
体感 = bodily sensation, sense, experience
大官 = high official
大汗 = Great Khan, Grand Khan
大患 = serious illness, travails
大観 = broad overview, general survey, Taikan (given name)
大鑑 = encyclopedia, Buddhist term: Great Mirror
対艦 = anti-ship, anti-warship, anti-surface
諦観 = clear vision, resignation (as in reconciling oneself), Taikan (given name)
耐寒 = cold-proof, resistant to cold cold-resistant
退官 = retirement from office

I can't tell which one is yours, but I put my best guesses in bold. Some of these just came up in my mind when I thought about it, and others came from a dictionary search of teikan and taikan. There could even be more Japanese words that share this Romaji.

If you have the characters in Japanese text form, or image form, please post them here to avoid getting the wrong info.

If you want to use this for a logo and want up to 100 character styles to choose from, maybe you want my tattoo template service. You can play with a sample here: The character images can be up to 4 inches high depending on the size you choose at the top of the page before you click on a button for your favorite style. The cost for your own custom template page is about $25 for your phrase, which includes certification by a native Japanese translator.