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If you cannot bite, do not show your teeth

If you cannot fight, don't start one
China bù néng yǎo rén jiù bié zī yá
If you cannot bite, do not show your teeth Vertical Wall Scroll

This Chinese proverb literally translates as: [if you] can't bite people, don't bare [your] teeth.

Figuratively, this means: Don't show your anger if you can't do anything about the situation.

Some will also say this means, "Don't start a fight that you cannot win." Others will say it means that you must be willing to back up your words (perhaps with your fists).

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin/ ya2
Taiwan ya
Japanese kiba / きば
If you cannot bite, do not show your teeth Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese tooth; ivory; CL:顆|颗[ke1]
Japanese tusk; fang
Tooth, teeth; toothed; a broker.

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Mandarin bìng / bing4
Taiwan ping
Japanese nami / なみ
Chinese and; furthermore; also; together with; (not) at all; simultaneously; to combine; to join; to merge
Japanese (n,n-suf) (1) average; medium; common; ordinary; (2) line; row of (e.g. houses); (3) mid-grade; (4) same level; equal; each (e.g. month); set of (e.g. teeth); (personal name) Minemura; (personal name) Minezawa; (personal name) Minesawa; (personal name) Fukuyo; (personal name) Fukumura; (personal name) Fukuzou; (personal name) Fukuzawa; (personal name) Fukusawa; (female given name) Narabu; (surname) Nami

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Mandarin/ ti1
Taiwan t`i / ti
Japanese teki / てき
Chinese to scrape the meat from bones; to pick (teeth etc); to weed out
Japanese cutting

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Mandarin/ ke4
Taiwan k`o / ko
Chinese to crack (seeds) between one's teeth

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Mandarin/ si1
Taiwan ssu
Japanese sai
Chinese hiss; neigh; Ss! (sound of air sucked between the teeth, indicating hesitation or thinking over)
To neigh; a crashing noise.

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Mandarin hào / hao4
Taiwan hao
Japanese hideaki / ひろし    hikaru / ひろ    shiroshi / ひであき    shiroi / ひかる    gou / go / しろし    kousou / koso / しろい    kouji / koji / ごう    koushou / kosho / こうそう    kou / ko / こうじ    kiyoshi / こうしょう    akira / こう
Chinese bright; luminous; white (esp. bright white teeth of youth or white hair of old age)
Japanese (given name) Hiroshi; (female given name) Hiro; (given name) Hideaki; (female given name) Hikaru; (given name) Shiroshi; (surname) Shiroi; (personal name) Gou; (personal name) Kousou; (personal name) Kouji; (personal name) Koushou; (female given name) Kou; (male given name) Kiyoshi; (female given name) Akira

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Mandarin/ ke1
Taiwan k`o / ko
Japanese ka / か
Chinese classifier for small spheres, pearls, corn grains, teeth, hearts, satellites etc
Japanese (1) condyle; (counter) (2) (archaism) counter for grains and small spheres


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Mandarin chǐ / chi3
Taiwan ch`ih / chih
Japanese ha / は
Chinese tooth; CL:顆|颗[ke1]
Japanese (out-dated kanji) tooth
The teeth, especially the front and upper teeth; toothed, serrated; age, class.

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Mandarin chèn / chen4
Taiwan ch`en / chen
Chinese to replace the milk teeth

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Mandarin bāo / bao1
Taiwan pao
Chinese projecting teeth

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Mandarin/ zi1
Taiwan tzu
Chinese projecting teeth; to bare one's teeth

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Mandarin niàn / nian4
Taiwan nien
Chinese to display the teeth

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Mandarin/ ju3
Taiwan chü
Chinese irregular; uneven teeth

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Mandarin tiáo / tiao2
Taiwan t`iao / tiao
Chinese shed the milk teeth; young

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Mandarin yín // kěn / yin2 // ken3
Taiwan yin // k`en / yin // ken
Japanese haguki / はぐき
Chinese gums (of the teeth); variant of 啃[ken3]
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) gums; teethridge

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Mandarin/ yu3
Chinese irregular teeth

see styles
Mandarin/ ni2
Taiwan ni
Chinese teeth grown in old age

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Mandarin zōu / zou1
Taiwan tsou
Chinese uneven teeth; buck-toothed

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Mandarin/ qu3
Taiwan ch`ü / chü
Japanese mushiba / むしば
Chinese decayed teeth; dental caries
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) cavity; tooth decay; decayed tooth; caries

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Mandarin/ yu2
Chinese uneven (teeth)


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Japanese uwaba / うわば Japanese upper teeth



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Mandarin shàng chǐ / shang4 chi3
Taiwan shang ch`ih / shang chih
Chinese upper teeth


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Japanese shitaba / したば Japanese lower teeth


see styles
Japanese geta / げた Japanese (1) geta; Japanese wooden clogs; (2) (later printed as 〓, resembling the teeth of a geta) (See 伏せ字・ふせじ・2) turn (in set-type proofing); upside-down character; (surname) Shimoda



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Mandarin xià chǐ / xia4 chi3
Taiwan hsia ch`ih / hsia chih
Chinese bottom teeth


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Japanese nami / なみ Japanese (n,n-suf) (1) average; medium; common; ordinary; (2) line; row of (e.g. houses); (3) mid-grade; (4) same level; equal; each (e.g. month); set of (e.g. teeth)


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Japanese nyuushi / nyushi / にゅうし Japanese baby tooth; milk tooth; first set of teeth


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Mandarin jiǎ yá / jia3 ya2
Taiwan chia ya
Chinese false teeth; dentures


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Japanese genpuku;genbuku / げんぷく;げんぶく Japanese (noun/participle) (1) male coming of age ceremony; (2) for a woman to shave her eyebrows, dye her teeth and wear her hair in the marumage style after marrying (Edo period)


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Japanese sesshi / せっし Japanese (1) (See 門歯) incisor (esp. in humans); (noun/participle) (2) grinding one's teeth; bruxism; gnashing of teeth

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Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
If you cannot bite, do not show your teeth不能咬人就別齜牙
bù néng yǎo rén jiù bié zī yá
bu4 neng2 yao3 ren2 jiu4 bie2 zi1 ya2
bu neng yao ren jiu bie zi ya
pu neng yao jen chiu pieh tzu ya
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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